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Powergen 1949-53 Flathead Ford One Wire Alternator, 12 Volt


Centerline of Holes:
Material Type:
Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Slot Length:
Outside Diameter:
Belt Type:
Belt Width:
One Wire Alternator:
Base Width:
Case is 6.625" long. Includes a stock-appearing mounting bracket that mounts the stock fan.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

If you like traditional looks and reliable, modern performance, you’ll love this cool Flathead 1-wire alternator. It has the look of an original generator, but is really a 12-volt, negative-ground alternator that produces 60 amps at idle and 75 amps going down the road. This model is designed to fit 1949-1953 Ford & Mercury Cars and 1948-1953 Ford Trucks with Flathead V8s and features a simple one-wire hookup.

We offer this one wire alternator in black painted or polished aluminum, and both include stock-appearing mounting brackets (the stock fan carrier bolts to that bracket) and pulleys that accept wide 5/8” belts.

  • Easy one-wire hookup
  • 5/8" wide belt pulley included
  • If using 3/8" wide belt, order pulley # 91067178
  • Uses stock-appearing bracket and fan carrier bolts

910-67165 Instructions (PDF)



Powermaster's warranty is one year from the date of purchase on all
street rod components, and 90 days for any component use for an off road or race application.  

Powermaster will provide all warranty service and technical support
regarding warranty claims and inquiries directly to the purchaser to
resolve any warranty claims or necessary technical support for warranty
resolution.  Speedway Motors is not able to service, warranty, or
replace any unit that has a warranty consideration.  As such, the
component or components are to be returned to Powermaster and not to
Speedway Motors.  

All customers service inquiries pertaining to warranty and defect claims
are to be directed to Powermaster and not to Speedway Motors:

Powermaster Customer & Tech Support

Phone: (630) 957-4019


Any Powermaster product that is returned directly to Speedway Motors
that is not in a new condition, and that is being returned for warranty
replacement or refund consideration will be immediately forwarded on to
Powermaster from Speedway Motors on behalf of the purchaser with no
further action taken until received by Powermaster.  Powermaster will
then will provide both the purchaser and Speedway Motors with final
resolution as to the warranty claim.

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Powermaster XS Torque gear reduction starters are built using all new components and cranks out 200 ft./lbs. of torque. It bolts up like an original starter, but its gear-reduction design gives it more power to crank over high-compression engines. Fits USA-made 1932-1953 flathead Ford V8 engines using manual transmissions & steel flywheels.

  • Small, compact size provides additional clearance
  • Bolts to original mounting points
  • Can be mounted upside down for header clearance
  • 4.4:1 gear reduction ratio
  • Cranking power for up to 18:1 compression
  • Works with our steel, manual-shift flywheels

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1949-1953 Flathead Ford Mag-Look Electronic Distributors

If you don't want a magneto, but love the looks, get one of these electronic distributors!

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Chrome 1946-1953 Flathead Alternator Bracket

Just because you've got a vintage Flathead Ford V8 in your ride doesn't mean you're stuck with the antiquated charging system. Switching to a tried-and-true GM 1-wire alternator is a great upgrade for any Flathead-equipped vehicle with a 12-volt electrical system.

  • Bracket fits 1946-1953 V-8 engines
  • Heavy-duty steel construction w/ chrome plating
  • Designed to work with the two narrow-belt drive system typical of late '50-'53 Ford/Mercury passenger cars
  • Will not work with single wide belts unless the alternator is modified (see Notes)

Mounting Guide (Link)

Powermaster 178 Black 3/8 Inch Wide Pulley for Powergen
                        All Powergens come with a pulley for a 5/8" wide belt. If you plan on running a 3/8" wide belt, swap this pulley with the one already on your Powergen.
Powermaster Shorty Powergen 1949-53 Flathead Alternator, 5-1/2 Case
If you like traditional looks and modern performance, you’re gonna love this cool Flathead 1-wire alternator. It has the look of an original generator, but is really a 12-volt, negative-ground alternator that produces 60 amps at idle and 75 amps going down the road.  These shorty versions are great for when you need additional clearance.

Designed to fit 1949-1953 Ford & Mercury Cars with Flathead V8s. These feature a simple one-wire hookup and are available in black or polished aluminum.

  • Retains original generator appearance
  • Shortened 1-1/2" for additional clearance
  • Easy one-wire hookup
  • 60 amps at idle
  • 75 amps at road speeds
  • Includes pulley for 5/8" wide belt
  • Pulleys for 3/8" wide belt available separately
  • 75 amps max output
  • 5-1/2" length from front to back
  • Case diameter is 1/4" larger than a stock generator

Flathead Ford Powergen Alternator Instructions (PDF)

Powergen Cutaway View (Link)