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Power+Plus Hurricane 302 Ford Manifold

Material Type:
Overall Height:
Sold in Quantity:
Port Height:
Port Width:
MFG. Part #:
Intake Manifold Type:
Single Plane
Carburetor Quantity:
Carburetor Flange Type:
4-Barrel Square Bore
Power+Plus Hurricane 302 Ford ManifoldPower+Plus Hurricane 302 Ford Manifold
Power+Plus Hurricane 302 Ford Manifold

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This manifold is designed for racing or serious street applications using stock cast-iron or aftermarket Windsor style cylinder heads. Includes bosses that can be drilled and tapped for nitrous. It features a rear water crossover passage along with four corner tapped water ports. Ports are 1.90” x 1.08” at the gasket flange and the manifold contains enough material to open ports to 2.10” x 1.25”. Use Professional Products intake gasket #54600 or Fel-Pro intake gasket #1250 or #1262. This manifold includes a 1/8-NPT vacuum port under the carb flange, a feature lacking in competitive manifolds of this type. Note that due to the port layout on small block Ford engines, a single plane manifold, such as this one, will typically be suitable for street use as long as the vehicle is not too heavy.

910-11230 Instructions (PDF) 

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Power+Plus Typhoon Small Block 351W Ford Manifold
(Part #91011235)

The Professional Products Typhoon manifold for 351W Fords is the ultimate performance dual plane manifold. Its long runner 180° design provides the best of both worlds - good top end power without sacrificing bottom end torque. Accepts square flange carbs.

RPM range is 1500-6500. Available plain, show polished or chrome.

This manifold has features not found in manifolds:

  • Includes a rear water crossover passage
    • Provides balanced cylinder head temperatures
    • Overall cooler running engine
  • Cast-in bosses for possible addition of direct port nitrous injection 

910-11235 Instructions (PDF) 

910-11235 Special Installation Notes (PDF) 


Chrome intakes are clearance priced.




Power+Plus Typhoon Small Block 302 Ford Intake Manifold
(Part #91011275)

The Professional Products Typhoon manifold for 260-289-302 small block Ford V8s is a dual plane 180° high-rise design that delivers outstanding street or race performance across a wide power band, while retaining good throttle response at any speed. This dual plane intake accepts square flange carbs.

  • RPM range is 1500-6500
  • Available plain, show polished or chrome
  • Has (1) 1/2" & (3) 3/8" NPT water ports, one at each corner
  • Cast-in nitrous bosses
  • Recommended carburetor is any square bore 600 cfm to 750 cfm

910-11275 Instructions (PDF) 


Chrome intakes are garage sale priced.





Power+Plus Typhoon Small Block Chevy 1957-95 Intake Manifold
(Part #91011265)

If you are running a little more motor, then this is the intake for you! The Professional Products Typhoon manifold is a high performance dual plane, 180° street manifold designed to be used with Holley, Carter AFB, or Edelbrock square flange carbs. For 1957-86 S/B Chevy and will fit 1987-95 heads with supplied adapters.

  • RPM range is 1500-6500
  • Available plain or show polished
  • Power comparable to single plane manifolds yet retains throttle response/driveability of a dual plane
  • Cast-in nitrous bosses
  • Water outlets at all four corners
  • Dual distributor hold-downs
  • Provisions to add an oil fill tube
  • Accepts late model waterneck, A/C, alternator, and HEI

910-11265 Dyno Sheet (PDF)

910-11265 Instructions (PDF) 

Fel-Pro Gaskets 1250 Small Block Ford Intake Gasket Set-1.20x2.00 Port
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Fel-Pro Blue Stripe intake manifold gasket sets for 1962-1986 Ford, Mercury V8 260, 289, 302 (except "BOSS") and 351W V-8.

Open 4 Barrel Carburetor Base Gasket
(Part #55054)
                        Open base gaskets.