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Billet Specialties 77901 Power Steering Adapter Kit

Billet Specialties 77901 Power Steering Adapter Kit

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What's in the Box

This adapter kit expands the available applications of our power steering hose kit to cover most power steering rack & pinion and steering box set-ups.  Fittings in this kit are 1/2"-20, 9/16"-18, 5/8"-18, and 11/16"-18 and all go to AN6.


  • ‘77-’78 Mustang II rack & pinion
  • Maval Mfg. rack & pinion
  • Saginaw 600 steering gear box


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Billet Specialties 77900 Power Steering Hose Kit for Remote Reservoir
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Premium power steering hose kit by Billet Specialties. Comes with quality Russell Performance adapters for most common pumps, boxes, and racks. Designed for use with Tru Trac systems with remote reservoir only.


  • '65-'78 GM 800 steering gear box (Metric & SAE)
  • '74-'77 Ford Mustang II rack & pinion
  • CPP GM 500 steering box
  • GM Metric rack & pinion
  • Flaming River rack & pinion
  • Dodge Omni rack & pinion

910-13260 Instructions (PDF)