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PerTronix D130701 Flame-Thrower S/B Ford 289-302 Billet Distributor

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Trigger Style:
Magnetic Pickup
Advance Type:
Mechanical/Vacuum Option
Shaft Diameter:
Cap Terminal Style:
Socket / Female
Mechanical Tach Drive:
Slip Collar:
Rotor Rotation:
Mounted Height:
Cap Diameter:
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Ignition Box Required:
PerTronix D130701 Flame-Thrower S/B Ford 289-302 Billet Distributor

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Replace your outdated distributor with this performance proven system. Simply install the distributor in the engine, connect two wires and start it up! Features the reliable and accurate Ignitor II pickup module for maximum performance in a compact package. Compatible with most most CD ignition systems (MSD 6-Series, etc.). Fits Small Bock Ford 221, 260, 289, and 302 V8 (except 5.0L).

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housings offer maximum strength
  • Housing is hand polished and buffed to a high luster
  • Tempered distributor shaft for accurate timing and extended operational life
  • Upper ball bearing and extra long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing provide high RPM stability
  • Ignitor II module with adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the RPM range
  • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution
  • Adjustable mechanical advance with proprietary limiting function permits multiple settings
  • Factory set with a performance advance curve
  • Additional springs for custom advance curves are provided
  • High dielectric strength cap and rotor with brass terminals and contact
  • Cannot be used with solid core (wire core) ignition wires

447-13701 Instructions (PDF)

For even more performance, consider adding a Flame-Thrower coil for increased spark energy and higher RPM potential. 

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Small Block Ford 289-302 HEI Distributor
(Part #91012350)
                        Finally an affordable distributor for you Ford guys! Basically this is a GM HEI distributor that fits 289-302 Fords. It is fully self-contained and requires only one wire to hook-up. No need for an MSD box. NOT compatible with computer controlled vehicles.

It uses the GM HEI cap, rotor and module, and includes mechanical and vacuum advances. Comes complete as shown.  Shaft diameter of .450".

910-12350 Instructions (PDF)


Note: This distributor has an O-ring seal that has a VERY tight fit when installing for the first time. We suggest using a small amount of lithium grease or silicone lubricant on this seal to ease installation.

MSD 8582 Ford 289-302 Billet Distributor
(Part #5478582)

MSD's billet distributors are for Ford enthusiasts who are serious about performance! Just under the brass terminals of the MSD cap and rotor is an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance assembly. The assembly is fine blanked from chromoly steel, TIG-welded for strength plus receives a QPQ coating. The precision weights glide on nylon bushings for smooth advancement and different springs and stop bushings are supplied so a variety of advance curves can be tuned. The steel shaft that spins the advance and reluctor receives a friction reducing coating plus is guided by a sealed ball bearing and long sintered bushing. This combination provides stable timing signals and spark delivery at any rpm. Triggering chores are handled by MSD’s race proven, maintenance-free magnetic pick-up. 

Fits 289-302 Small Block Ford V8. Must be used with an MSD 6, 7, 8 or 10 Series ignition control.

  • Large Base/Cap Distributor
  • CNC machined billet aluminum housing and Dupont Rynite base
  • Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop bushings
  • Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable trigger signals throughout the rpm range
  • Polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by a sealed ball bearing
  • Advance plate and weights are fine blanked from Chromoly steel and QPQ coated for friction reduction
  • Advance weight pins are staked and tig welded to the plate
  • Nylon pads ensure smooth operation of the advance weights
  • Mechanical advance assembly can be locked out for crank trigger systems
  • Supplied with Cap-A-Dapt and rotor (accepts MSD socket style caps)

547-8582 Instructions (PDF) 

MSD Rebate (Link)


PerTronix D650711 FlameThrower Distributor Replacement Red Cap
(Part #447650711)

These are replacement caps for FlameThrower distributors with HEI terminals. They are built to quality standards and fit multiple distributor styles.

Fits distributor numbers:

  • 44710070
  • 44713701
  • 44713711
  • 44713371
  • 44713271
PerTronix D650701 Flame-Thrower V8 Distributor Cap, Red, Socket-Type
(Part #44765701)
                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement cap for your 8 cylinder Flame-Thrower Billet Distributor. Red color with points socket-style towers.
PerTronix D660701 Flame-Thrower Distributor Rotor
(Part #44766701)
                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement rotor for all Flame-Thrower Billet Distributors.