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PerTronix D132701 Flame-Thrower Ford 351C, 429, 460 Distributor

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Trigger Style:
Magnetic Pickup
Advance Type:
Mechanical/Vacuum Option
Cap Terminal Style:
Socket / Female
Mechanical Tach Drive:
Slip Collar:
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MFG. Part #:
Ignition Box Required:
PerTronix D132701 Flame-Thrower Ford 351C, 429, 460 Distributor

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Replace your outdated distributor with this performance proven system. Simply install the distributor in the engine, connect two wires and start it up! Features the reliable and accurate Ignitor II pickup module for maximum performance in a compact package. Compatible with most most CD ignition systems (MSD 6-Series, etc.). Fits Big Bock Ford 351C, 351M, 400, 429, and 460 V8 engines.

  • CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housings offer maximum strength
  • Housing is hand polished and buffed to a high luster
  • Tempered distributor shaft for accurate timing and extended operational life
  • Upper ball bearing and extra long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing provide high RPM stability
  • Ignitor II module with adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the RPM range
  • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution
  • Adjustable mechanical advance with proprietary limiting function permits multiple settings
  • Factory set with a performance advance curve
  • Additional springs for custom advance curves are provided
  • High dielectric strength cap and rotor with brass terminals and contact
  • Cannot be used with solid core (wire core) ignition wires

447-13271 Instructions (PDF)

For even more performance, consider adding a Flame-Thrower coil for increased spark energy and higher RPM potential. 

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PerTronix 1181 Ignitor Points Eliminator Kit, 1957-74 GM V8
(Part #4471181)

Never change points again with the PerTronix Ignitor points conversion kit. It provides increased voltage for improved performance and fuel efficiency. The system completely eliminates the contact points and fits neatly underneath the distributor cap for a "stock" look. Compatible with all 12 volt negative ground systems.

PerTronix Ignitor Systems can be used with any stock point-type coil, or use the Flame-Thrower 40,000 volt coil for maximum performance. Also compatible with MSD ignition boxes.

  • Delivers 2x the voltage to the plugs for more power and MPG
  • 2:1 improvement over points in current fall time, increasing coil output
  • Hall Effect Trigger with no moving parts
  • Epoxy molding makes module impervious to contamination
  • Fits entirely inside distributor for a clean, stock look
  • Stable timing - no adjustment needed
  • Will trigger most multi-spark CD ignitions
  • Easy installation

Ignitor Points Eliminator Installation Instructions (PDF)

429-460 Ford Stroker Kit
(Part #915545)

How about a 552 cubic inch monster motor for the street?  This rotating assembly allows you to turn your 429 or 460 Ford Big Block into a stump pulling monster. Kit includes a new 4-1/2" stroke Scat cast steel crankshaft, new 6.7" Scat I-beam connecting rods, Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons, Clevite rod and main bearings and plasma moly rings.

Pistons are available in .030 and .060 oversize which give you 545-552 cubic inches. 74cc heads yield 11.4-1 and 97cc is 9.8-1.  As with any stroker kit, you will need to check for clearance between connecting rods and block. This assembly will require balancing with your balancer and flywheel. This kit is externally balanced.

Chrome Oil Pan Ford 429-460
(Part #91017708)
                        This chrome steel oil pan is 8-1/8" deep in the sump. The sump ends 9-1/4" from the end and starts upwards towards the block. 6" from the end at the shallow end it is 4-1/2" deep and at 1" from the end, it is 4-1/8" deep. 

Note: LH is the driver's side and RH is the passenger's side. Please check before ordering.
429-460 Ford Aluminum Water Pump
(Part #91015591)

This aluminum water pump saves weight and improves cooling. Helps minimize engine hot spots at any speed. Fits '70-'73 429 c.i. V8 and '72-'92 460 c.i. V8.

  • As-cast finish
  • 0.625" pilot shaft
  • Aircraft industry tolerances
  • 5.500” block-to-hub distance
  • Reliable cast iron CNC machined impellers
  • Pressure injected aluminum alloy pump bodies
  • Billet steel hubs and shielded-seal roller ball bearings
  • Includes gaskets

910-155 Instructions (PDF)

Quick Time RM-8010 Ford 400-429-460 Steel Bellhousing - T5 & TKO
(Part #91027024)

These strong, lightweight steel bellhousings are just the ticket for installing a Borg-Warner T5 or Tremec TKO manual transmission behind your favorite V8 engine. We're now offering them for big block Ford 400, 429 and 460.

The compact design allows the bellhousings to fit in tight quarters and most will accommodate up to a 10-1/2" clutch. Set up to use an original style clutch fork and release bearing, but can also be used with hyraulic release bearings.  

Drilled for most major throwout bearings. Includes lower flywheel cover.

  •      Height = 7.050
  •      Trans. Bore Ø = Universal 4.910/4.685
  •      Engine = Ford 351m, 400, 429, 460
  •      Trans. = Universal Ford TKO 500-600/T5 Mustang/TR3550
  •      Clutch Ø = 12"
  •      Flywheel = 176 tooth
  •      Weight = 22#
  •      Universal fork brackets for diaphragm or cable linkage
  •      Has passed all SFI testing
  •      Pivot ball, fork brackets, grade 8 bolts, and full engine plate included
PerTronix D650711 FlameThrower Distributor Replacement Red Cap
(Part #447650711)

These are replacement caps for FlameThrower distributors with HEI terminals. They are built to quality standards and fit multiple distributor styles.

Fits distributor numbers:

  • 44710070
  • 44713701
  • 44713711
  • 44713371
  • 44713271
PerTronix D650701 Flame-Thrower V8 Distributor Cap, Red, Socket-Type
(Part #44765701)
                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement cap for your 8 cylinder Flame-Thrower Billet Distributor. Red color with points socket-style towers.
PerTronix D660701 Flame-Thrower Distributor Rotor
(Part #44766701)
                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement rotor for all Flame-Thrower Billet Distributors.