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PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor

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PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor
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PerTronix D7100801 Chevy Ignitor III Billet Distributor

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Q & A

What's in the Box

PerTronix Plug-n-Play Ignitor III Flame-Thrower billet distributors give you CD ignition box performance without the box! Ignitor III systems produce multiple sparks through the entire RPM range, but DO NOT require an external ignition "box." Plus, the Ignitor III module has an adaptive dwell feature which maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM range.

  1. Does NOT have provisions for a vacuum advance. 
  2. Can be used with most ignition coils 0.6 Ohms or greater.
  3. For 12 volt negative ground systems. Requires 12-14 Volts.
  4. Must use suppression spiral core ignition wires (not solid core wires).
  5. NOT for use with CD or multiple spark systems.
  6. Lobe sensor design triggers off the point cam or reluctor and does not require a magnet sleeve.
  7. Not intended for marine use.

Does NOT have a vacuum advance and comes with an iron distributor gear. Red, points-style socket cap. For S/B and B/B Chevy. 

447-71801 Instructions (PDF)


  • Ignitor III Brains...
    • 5 times more spark energy than points = increased burn time
    • Multi-spark thru entire RPM range = improved combustion
    • Increased spark energy = more Horsepower & Better Mileage
    • Adjustable REV limiter - accurate to +/- 50 RPM
    • Built-in reverse polarity and over current protection shuts down the system, preventing component damage   
    • Adaptive dwell maintains peak energy thru entire RPM range
      • Reduces misfires
      • Increases coil performance
      • Adjusts spark timing at higher RPMs
      • Senses startup and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting  
  • ...Billet Flame-Thrower Brawn 
    • Cobalt magnet + Hall Effect trigger = stable timing and precise distribution 
    • CNC machined billet housing polished to high luster
    • Tempered distributor shaft for accurate timing and longer life
    • Upper ball bearing and extra long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing
    • Precision stamped advance weights eliminate erratic timing
    • Adjustable mechanical advance (includes various springs) 
    • High dielectric strength cap with male or female brass terminals
    • Premium rotor with brass contact

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PerTronix 60115 Flame-Thrower HV Coil, 1.5 Ohm
(Part #44760115)

These high voltage E-core design coils by PerTronix put out an incredible 60,000 volts and are encased in a 6063 T-5 aluminum heat sink.

  • 1.5 Ohm primary resistance
  • 60,000 volts
  • 50 state legal


PerTronix D671001 Chevy Bronze Distributor Gear
(Part #44767101)

Bronze distributor gear for Billet Chevy Flame-Thrower Distributors. For use with steel roller camshafts in Chevy 90° V6, Small Block V8, Big Block V8, and 348-409 V8. Fits 0.5" O.D. shaft.

PerTronix D650701 Flame-Thrower V8 Distributor Cap, Red, Socket-Type
(Part #44765701)
                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement cap for your 8 cylinder Flame-Thrower Billet Distributor. Red color with points socket-style towers.
PerTronix D660701 Flame-Thrower Distributor Rotor
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                        Genuine PerTronix high performance replacement rotor for all Flame-Thrower Billet Distributors.
PerTronix D7500700 Ignitor III Module Flame-Thrower Billet Distributor
(Part #44775700)

Upgrade your standard Ignitor II equipped Flame-Thrower 8 cylinder billet distributor to the new Ignitor III featuring multiple spark output and integrated rev limiter.

Also works as a replacment module for Ignitor III Flame-Thrower distributors.