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Performance Distributors S000222 DUI 4-Pin HEI Dyna-Module

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Performance Distributors S000222 DUI 4-Pin HEI Dyna-Module

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What's in the Box

For a crisper, smoother running engine, replace your stock HEI module with the Dyna-Mod. The Dyna-Mod has more "electronic dwell" in it to provide more coil saturation time. The additional saturation time allows the coil to produce a more intense spark. All D.U.I. distributors are built with this module.

Fits 1974-Up (w/o computer) GM HEI distributors.

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Stock HEI Replacement Module and Harness
(Part #91012338)
                        This HEI module and attachment harness comes in our distributor part #910-12335. This HEI replacement will work in an operation to 6,500+ RPM. Samples were tested to 7,000 RPM. 

Contains one blue module and one black connector and harness to attach to cap.
Accel 35361 GM HEI Ignition Module, 1974-95
(Part #10535361)
                        Accel control modules provide high coil output & superior reliability. Dwell circuit ensures long coil charging. Current circuit protects from overheating. Resists false triggering from RFI sources. Distributor and remote mounts available. 
MSD 83647 Heat HEI Ignition Module
(Part #54783647)

This all new Heat HEI Module supersedes the current PN 83645. Using upgraded components, the HEAT produces high output for stock and MSD applications plus has a built-in rev limiter that is more accurate and easier to set with the engine running.

Works with non-computer controlled (4-Pin) HEI housings.

  • Easily installs to non-computer controlled (4-Pin) HEI housings
  • Built-in adjustable rev limiter can easily be set externally
  • Advanced dwell control for improved high rpm output
  • The Hottest HEI Module you buy-period!
  • Produces an incredible 7.5 amps of juice!
  • Adjust the rev limiter without removing the cap!
  • Fits in stock HEI distributors

547-83647 Instructions (PDF)

MSD Tech Bulletin (PDF)

MSD Rebate (Link)


Performance Distributors S121000 DUI Racing Coil Kit
(Part #91013000)
  • For high revving race engines that spin more than 7000 RPM 
  • Fits on ALL GM V8, 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder distributors with the internal HEI coil
  • Capable of 10,000 RPM - almost twice the output of a stock HEI coil
  • Allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055"
  • Wider plug gaps will allow more spark energy into the combustion chamber
  • Includes brass terminal cap, and rotor.