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Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit

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Comes new with an electrostatically-applied finish to prtect the body, this does not need to be removed in order to paint the car, but can simply be scuffed.
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit
Plain Finish Pedal Car Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Surprise someone special by building them a custom pedal car. Ready to paint and assemble. Turn it into a kid's personalized cruiser or super sleek race car.

This complete all metal kit comes with all the parts, hardware and assembly instructions you'll need to build a complete car and includes heavy duty solid rubber pedals, tires and front and rear bumpers.

The hub caps, hood emblem and steering wheel come beautifully chrome plated.

918-0009 Instructions (pdf)


Our most recent supply of these cars has arrived with the non-chromed components having an electrostatically-applied finish. This finish works as a very effective primer/sealer. This finish prevents rust or corrosion both in storage and shipment, as well as throughout the life of the car.

This powder coat finish does not need to be removed. Simply use a scotchbrite pad or similar fine sandpaper to "scuff" the finish, apply a wax and grease remover, then apply your chosen paint color. If the finish is scuffed adequately beforehand, you can even apply body filler directly over the top. 

If you decide you like the powdercoat gray color, you could assemble the car as-is and it would remain just as corrosion-free as a normally-painted car. 

Item Details

This item has been discontinued.  Please see 918-0040 for a similar kit.

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                        Surprise someone special by building them a custom cruiser or a sleek racer with this Comet pedal car kit.  This kit features pre-assembled chassis/running gear sub-assemblies, 2-tone wheels with tires installed, and a padded/upholstered seat pad.
  • Measures 17" wide, 21" tall (to top of steering wheel), and 40" long
  • Ready to be primed, painted, then assembled
  • The chassis/running gear sub-assemblies are painted flat black and pre-assembled
  • Padded, upholstered seat pad included (black)
  • Includes chrome:
    • Windshield frame
    • Hood ornament
    • Smooth hubcaps
    • Headlights
    • Grille emblem
    • 2-spoke steering wheel

Pedal Car Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Instruction sheet/diagram is included, along with all necessary bearings, screws, and hardware.
Pedal Car Siren with Mounting Bracket, Hand Crank
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Great sounding hand-crank siren makes a perfect addition to fire and police pedal cars. Universal design installs easily on most models.

This siren measures 2.5" in diameter, 3.5" long (including the crank/handle) and stands 3.25" tall (from the base bracket to the top of siren housing).  Mounting bracket included.

Parts shown in the exploded view but not listed are currently not available. Sorry!

Exploded Parts View for AMF 508-519 Firefighter (Link)


Burger Style Drive-In Chrome Tray-Classic 50s Look
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