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Painless Wiring 60118 TBI Throttle Body Adapter Plates


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What's in the Box

This adapter will mount a 1986-1995 GM throttle body injector (4.3 V6 or 5.7 V8) to a 4 BBL intake manifold. It works best on an aftermarket open-plenum intake. This TBI adapter could be used on a modifed Q-jet intake, but some material would have to be removed from the plenum area.

This adapter is 3/4" thick.

Allen screws are included for the adapter and the throttle body mounting, as well as a gasket between the adapter and the intake. 

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Open 4 Barrel Carburetor Base Gasket
                        Open base gaskets.
Edelbrock 5001 Small Block Chevy Torker II Intake Manifold

Designed for 1955-86 high-performance 262-400 c.i.d. small-block Chevy V8s operating in the 2500-6500 RPM range. The Torker II is an updated version of original Torker offering better performance. Manifold accepts late-model waterneck, air-conditioning, alternator and H.E.I. distributor.

Will fit Corvette and 1987 and later stock aluminum heads. Will NOT fit 1987 and later cast iron heads and will NOT cover port openings of Chevrolet Bowtie or LT1 heads.

NOT intended for use on heavy vehicles (trucks, vans etc.).

Torker II Intake Manifold Installation Instructions (PDF)

Powerjection I EFI System

If you want the reliability and economy of fuel injection, but the look of a carburetor, this set-up is for you. This system features a die cast throttle body with the same dimensions as a common Holley 4bbl which makes for an easy installation. Simply install the coolant temperature sensor, oxygen sensor, MAP sensor, electric fuel pump, fuel pressure sensor and control box.

The wiring harness already has the terminals installed and is plug and play other than the ignition and battery connections. Now install the software on a laptop computer and answer the basic engine questions and you are ready to start the engine. Let it warm up and it’s ready to drive. The computer has Smart Tune technology and adapts to your engine's needs or you can tune it to meet your unique requirements. The software also allows real time data logging to allow you to see what your engine is doing.

This system is available in 750 or 1200 cfm to handle most any horsepower requirements. If you are installing on an engine over 500 hp you will need to add the fuel return kit. This requires you to plumb a fuel return line back to the fuel tank.

Painless Wiring 60101 GM Throttle Body Injection Engine Harness
                        The GM Throttle Body Injection system this Painless Performance harness operates is a perfect upgrade for those fed up with their carburetor fueled engine. Complete stand alone harness allows you to install late model GM fuel injected engine and correct computer into almost any chassis. Harness includes all connections for fuel injection operation: ECM, MAP, O2, TPS, ESC, IAC, IAT, CTS, Knock, Injectors, OBD1 w/SES light, VSS and TCC solenoid. 

This standard length harness allows four feet from the back of the intake manifold to where the fuseblock and ECM mount. Perfect for those that plan to mount these components under the dash or in the glove box.

Besides the obvious economy and driveability benefits, check out these other great features that make it easy and painless to install:
  • Foolproof factory connections
  • ALDL (diagnostic) plug
  • Computer controlled fuel pump provision
  • GM color code
  • Closed loop design

GM Throttle Body Injection Wiring Instructions (PDF)