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Painless Wiring 80529 Ignition Switch

Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Overall Diameter:
Mounting Thread Length:
Hole Diameter:
Needs 2.625" of space behind the dash for clearance.
Painless Wiring 80529 Ignition Switch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Panel mount switch with Off/On/Start positions. Rated at 20 amps. Also features a waterproof outer lock nut.

  • Switch positions:
    • Accessory - Left
    • Lock/Off - Center
    • On - Right
    • Start - Far Right
  • Red lead = power-in
  • Pink lead = power to coil/ignition 
  • Purple lead = power to starter soleniod
  • Brown lead = power to accessories/circuits

Ignition Switch Wiring Instructions (PDF)

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Universal Ignition Switch
(Part #91064052)

This universal, 4 position ignition switch features ACC, OFF, IGN/ACC, and IGN/START. Screw type terminals. 3/4" mounting hole and 2 keys included.

  • Requires 2-3/8" of space behind dash for clearance
  • Fits 3/4" to 7/8" hole
  • Terminals: 4 screw
  • Actuators: coded tumbler lock, 2 keys
  • Sealed terminal insulator: no
  • O-ring seal in stem: no
  • Ground terminal: no
  • Mounting stem: 3/4"-20
  • Case material: diecast zinc
  • Mounting panel thickness: 3/8"
  • Amperage ratings (current ratings at 12V DC)
    •  Accessory: 10A
    • Ign/Run: 10A
    • Start: 5A
Universal Pull-Type Ignition Switch
(Part #91064053)

This unique switch looks like a headlight switch, but is actually your ignition switch. Pull this 3 position switch all the way out and it starts your car. Spring loaded switch then returns to the running position. Push in the switch to shut your engine off.

Rating @ 12 Volt:
  • Accessory = 10 amps
  • Ignition = 5 amps
  • Start = 5 amps

Screw type terminals, 3/8" mounting hole.

Pull-Type Ignition Switch Instructions (PDF)

Push Button Starter Switch
(Part #91364381)

Momentary switch has rubber boot which protects switch from moisture. Easy install to give any classic car that hot rod feel. Features a high quality die cast zinc housing with brass terminals.

Safety Kill Switch
(Part #91364384)

This is the best kill switch we've found! Works with standard ignition only. Water resistant with O-ring shaft seal. Pull on, push off with silver contacts.

20 amp rating at 12 VDC.