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Optima Batteries 6V-1050 6-Volt Battery

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Overall Height:
Overall Width:
Overall Length:
Sold in Quantity:
Mounted Height:
MFG. Part #:
Cranking Amps @ 0 deg. F:
Battery Type:
Cranking Amps @ 32 deg. F:
Battery Reserve Capacity:
100 minutes
Battery Usage:
Battery Terminals:
Garage Sale:
Posts add approximately 7/8" to the overall height of the battery. Height of the case is 7.38"
Optima Batteries 6V-1050 6-Volt Battery
Optima Batteries 6V-1050 6-Volt Battery
Optima Batteries 6V-1050 6-Volt Battery

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Discover the revolutionary new technology that has changed the way the world looks at batteries: Optima's famous Spiralcell Technology. These batteries last 2-3 times longer than other batteries and are 100% maintenance free. Plus, with the unique sealed design, you can mount them in any position.

  • Strongest 5 second starting burst
  • Up to 2x longer life
  • More than 15x the vibration resistance
  • Completely spill-proof, mountable in many positions
  • Maintenance free
  • Faster recharging capabilities
  • Optimal starting power, regardless of temperature


  1. The vehicle must have a properly working alternator, and should not have “aftermarket accessories” with amperage drain exceeding 10 amps.
  2. The vehicle must have a fully functional voltage regulated charging system. Use of accessories that prevent the charging system form maintaining the battery in a fully charged state will void the warranty and cause premature failure. For these applications, an Optima deep cycle battery is recommended for this combination of starting and heavy cycling.
  3. Red top batteries should only be used for hot rod / street rod / O/E applications where the system has a fully functional voltage regulated charging system. Red top batteries should not be used for off road/circle track aftermarket performance applications. The warranty is voided when a red top battery is used with out a fully functional voltage regulated charging system. 


  • 800 Cranking Amps @ 0° F
  • 1000 Cranking Amps @ 32° F
  • Dimensions:  10.06" x 3.63" x 8.13"
  • Weight:  18.5 lbs.
  • Reserve Capacity: 100
  • Post Type: SAE Post
  • Optima Spec Sheet (PDF)


Optima Red Top Warranty Info

  • 6V Passenger Vehicle / Light Truck (noncommercial)
    • 36 Months Free Replacement
  • Abusive service / Deep Cycle Applications / Car Audio
    • Not covered

Complete Warranty - Purchased On or After 2-1-09 (PDF)


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