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Offenhauser Valve Guide Removal Tool

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Offenhauser Valve Guide Removal Tool
Offenhauser Valve Guide Removal Tool
Offenhauser Valve Guide Removal Tool

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Works much like a crowbar to pry the valve guide down against the valve spring - thereby gaining access to the valve guide retainer. Works on ALL flathead Ford engines - 4, 6, and 8 cylinders. Model T, A, B and V8 1932-53.

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1932-53 Flathead Ford Valve Guide Seals
(Part #91015317)

These OEM-style valve guide seals stop oil flow past the intake valve guide into the combustion chamber, restoring peak engine efficiency and oil control. No more blue smoke. 

Use on 1932-1953 Flathead intake guides. Set of 8.


Flathead Valve Assembly (Link)

Flathead Ford Heat Treated Valve Guides
(Part #91015315)

The Flathead was designed to run on fuel with high levels of lead, but even with leaded fuel, the stock valves will eventually hammer the seats out, which will close up the valve lash and leave your valves hanging open...that is if you don't seize a valve to the guides first!

Remember what year your engine was built and how fatigued the valve train components are. Henry may have built them right with the technology he had available then, but this is now and we have the modern components you need.

These Flathead Ford valve guides are heat treated to be compatible with today's low-lead fuels. Fits 1932-53 engines. If using in a 1932-48 engine, you will have to use 1949-53 style retainers, keepers and valves.

Flathead Valve Assembly (Link)

Offenhauser Flathead Ford Pressure Tester Kit
(Part #56082260)

If you have built a Flathead Ford, you know the odds of the block being cracked are pretty high. Plus the cost of cleaning and magnafluxing keeps going up. This kit allows you to pressure test one cylinder bank at a time to detect cracks or holes in your own garage. Includes regulator head plate, water pump plates and hardware. For 24 stud Flathead Fords only.

Flathead Block Pressure Testing Instructions