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Offenhauser Flathead Ford Timing Cover

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Offenhauser Flathead Ford Timing Cover
Offenhauser Flathead Ford Timing Cover
Offenhauser Flathead Ford Timing Cover

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What's in the Box

If you want to run early heads on a late model flathead, you don't have a way to clamp the distributor down...until now. This cover has a distributor clamp built in.

  • Direct replacement on 1949-53 engines
  • Upgrade for 1948-and-earlier engines running a 1949-53 camshaft
  • Built-in distributor gear oiler
  • Cast aluminum cover


  1. Front cover includes a 1/8" NPT port which can be used to supply additional oil to the distributor gear, or as a return from the oil filter, or both.

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Verified Purchaser
Washington CH., OH

Very satisfied.

October 04, 2014
This timing cover solved the problem that I had securing the after-market distributor to after-market heads. Highly satisfied with the workmanship and quality of the cover. MEP
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

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1 answers

Does it fit a 1950 8cm flatheadc- Mercury car ?

Italy - Vicenza
June 21, 2011

Does it fit a 1950 8cm flatheadc- Mercury car ?


June 23, 2011
This is a direct replacement for the 1949-53 Ford flathead engines and Mercury engines of same style. It can also be used on the earlier series flathead by running the later year camshafts or we offer an early to late cam drive gear under part number 56056312. The cover accepts stock distributors and Mallory distributors with good fit because of the distributor shaft length and diameter of the housing. Some other aftermarket distributors have some variance in dimensions and you may experience some problems with drive gear fit. We do offer 56056314 spacer to help achieve the proper clearance on some other aftermarket distributors.
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1949-1953 Flathead Ford Front Cam Gears
(Part #91016255)

Most flathead replacement camshafts don’t come with the distributor drive gear. Don’t forget to get one! Speedway recommends that you replace your front distributor gear and rear oil pump gear at the same time.

  • For use on 1949-1953 flathead Fords that retain the original front drive distributor
  • New Isky cams come with this gear
  • Can be used on 1948 and earlier engines that use a 1949 and newer cam, front cover and distributor
Cast Aluminum Flathead Timing Cover
(Part #91015632)
                        If you run early heads on a late-model Flathead, you won't have a way to clamp the distributor down – until now. This cast aluminum timing cover has a distributor clamp built in. It can also be used as a replacement on 1949-1953 engines, or on 1948 and earlier engines running a 1949-1953 cam.
Early to Late Flathead Drive Gears
(Part #91015634)

Can be used as a replacement on 1949-53 engines or on 1948-earlier engines running a '49-'53 camshaft. Use with timing cover 910-15632.

Flathead Distributor Drive Adapter
(Part #91012710)
                        If you've ever tried to put a 1937-1941 distributor on a 1942-1948 engine, you know you need this adapter. CNC steel construction.
1949-53 Flathead Distributor Spacer
(Part #9101010)

This is a 1.40" spacer that is used to provide proper drive gear spacing when using aftermarket distributors with our Flathead front timing cover # 910-15632.

This spacer is needed for these distributors: MSD 547-8573 and Speedway 910-1000.

Offenhauser One-Piece Front Crank Oil Seal
(Part #56056350)

Replace those hokey pieces of rope with a seal that really works! Fits most 1928-1953 4 & 8 cylinder Fords (except V8-60s).

  • Fits most 1928-1953 4 & 8 cylinder Fords (except V8-60s)
  • Eliminate the leaky rope seal

560-56350 Instructions (PDF)

Offenhauser 1932-48 Flathead Ford Aluminum Timing Gear
(Part #56056320)

Replace your flathead Ford V8's weak original "fiber" timing chain gear with this superior, aluminum cam gear. It lasts longer and withstands high performance cam/valve spring loads with ease. 

NOTE: # 560-56320 is an exact replacement for 1935-1948 Fords & Mercs using a "bolt-on" gear. Some 1935-1941 Fords/Mercurys used a press-on gear, this replacement timing chain gear will not work for this type of application. All our Isky cams for this engine use the bolt-on gear. 

Offenhauser Flathead Ford Early to Late Drive Gear
(Part #56056312)

Allows the use of early ('32-'48) camshaft with late ('49-'53) timing cover.

Offenhauser 1949-53 Flathead Ford Distributor Spacer
(Part #56056314)

Provides proper drive gear clearance when using aftermarket distributor and 560-56310.