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Mustang II Tubular Lower Arms for Air Ride/Wilwood Brakes No Strut Rod

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Control Arm Bushing to Ball Joint Center:
Control Arm Style:
Mustang II Tubular Lower Arms for Air Ride/Wilwood Brakes No Strut Rod

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What's in the Box


You dont have to look any farther for tubular control arms for your Mustang II IFS-equipped hot rod. Our Mustang II control arms are made from full .120 wall, 1" diameter tubing, fixture welded and feature screw-in ball joints and no-squeak rubber bushings. These new generation, no-strut style arms eliminate the strut rod found on stock-style Mustang II IFS systems. The improved, triangulated design provides stability and strength within the arm itself, so you can get rid of that ugly strut rod.

Will work with nearly any stock or aftermarket Mustang II front crossmember (welding is required on most applications). For use with Ridetech/Air Ride front air bag air springs.

  • Stock width
  • Upgrade to a cleaner looking control arm
  • Full .120" wall, 1" diameter fixture welding tubing
  • Features screw-in ball joints and no-squeak bushings
  • Works with nearly any stock or aftermarket crossmember
  • Welding may be required on some applications
  • Designed to correspond with Air-Ride suspension and Wilwood Brakes
  • Works with Mustang II crossmembers that come with lower A-Arm tab gussets
  • Non-strut rod applications

Tubular Control Arms Application Chart (GIF)

910-34338 Tubular Lower Control Arm Instructions (PDF)

Check out our 5/8" narrower than stock width upper control arms (91034339) for applications that require a shorter track width.  These allow you to tuck the wheels up under the fenders without having to buy expensive special offset wheels. 

Item Details

Stock Width
Designed for Air Ride Suspension
For use with Wilwood brakes
Non-Strut Rod Applications


Why go with tubular control arms? The most obvious reason is the looks. Tubular control arms and strut rods give your hot rod a much cleaner and hi-tech appearance than the stock type do. Another bonus is that the tubular control arms are available in 5/8" narrower than stock, which helps tuck the wheels up under the fenders without having to buy expensive special offset wheel. When using 5/8" narrower control arms, 1" must be removed from each inner tie rod end.


  • Length of control arm from center line of ball joint to center line of inner shaft is approximately 13-1/8"



The original intent of the air spring was to provide a very smooth ride.  It was not designed to provide an adjustable ride height.  You can not drive the vehicle at any ride height you select. 

All suspension systems are designed to operate at a specific midpoint position, with provisions for suspension travel. The Mustang II suspension is no exception. It has a specific mid-point position which is when the lower control arms are level. The suspension must be in this position to provide full suspension travel and correct geometry action.

In this type of suspension the shock is normally the bottom out device. When the vehicle is lowered the shocks compression and extension limits change and the shocks will bottom out or the ball joints could pinch when it is lowered. The air ride suspension is only designed to lower your vehicle while it is parked. If you attempt to drive a vehicle in the lowered position it could be dangerous and will cause damage to your vehicle. This could result in broken control arms, shocks and ball joints.

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