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Mustang II and T-Bird Rack and Pinion Inner Tie Rod Extensions

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Contains dust boots and zip ties. Kit won't fit our manual rack (PN 91034340-MAN). It will fit other racks with 14MM-1.50 threads at the inboard ends.
Mustang II and T-Bird Rack and Pinion Inner Tie Rod Extensions

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Inner tie rod extensions for Mustang II/Thunderbird-style steering racks. Includes boots and bands.  These inner tie rod extensions fit between the inner shaft of the rack and the pivot where the tie rod attaches. It moves the pivot out to align with the pivot on the lower control arm or the imaginary line between the upper pivot and the lower control arm pivot. In doing so it leaves the tie rod in plane with the lower control arm and preserves correct steering geometry.

The manual version does NOT have the holes for roll pins and Loctite is recommended. The power version is similar to the OEM and has 3 holes and include drift or roll pins for retention.

Manual version (MAN) fits

  • Flaming River manual racks
  • Maval manual racks

Power version (POW) fits

  • Mustang II power racks
  • 1982-88 Thunderbird power racks



This tie rod extention will NOT fit our 91034340-MAN rack. It will fit Flaming River and Maval racks.

To use our 91034340-MAN rack, please order 91034346.

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Mustang II Extended-Length Outer Tie Rod End
(Part #91002920)

Outer tie rod fits left or right, attaches steering rack to spindles. Fits both manual Mustang II and 1982-1988 T-Bird power racks. Measures 1.5" longer than stock outer tie rod end.

Gotta Show 131101 Mustang/T-Bird Rack & Pinion Power Steering Hose Kit
(Part #6174835)

These stainless steel braided power steering hose kits will connect 1984-88 T-Bird and 1979-93 Mustang racks to most Ford or GM style internal reservoir power steering pumps. The hoses provide a custom look without the need to buy any additional parts. This kit is designed for drivers side pumps and may require hoses to be trimmed to length.

The kit includes:

  • (2) 24" stainless steel braided hoses with 90° ends installed (rack end)
  • (1) Banjo bolt assembly for the pressure connection to the pump with 5/8" or 16mm threads
  • (1) Custom clamp cover for the return hose which connects to a hose nipple on the pump
  • Rack fittings in this kit are one each, 16mm or 5/8"-18, and one each, 14mm or 9/16"-18

617-4835 Instructions (PDF) 

Inner Tie Rod Extention Kit - Speedway Mustang II Manual Rack
(Part #91034346)

Inner tie rod extensions for Speedway manual racks. Includes boots and bands.

910-34346 Instructions (pdf)

Mustang II Power and Manual Rack & Pinions
(Part #91034340)

Product update: The rebuilt power rack # 910-34340-POW as described here and in our previous catalogs has been phased out and replaced with a new rack # 910-35341

Fits aftermarket Mustang II crossmembers. Available in manual or power steering. Mount bushings are included with the Power version, but mount bushings are NOT included in the Manual version.

MANUAL: New manual rack and pinion steering assembly for Pinto/Bobcat/Mustang II based front suspensions in street rods and kit cars. 9/16"-26 spline input shaft. 16" mount centers. 

POWER: Rebuilt power rack from 1982-88 T-bird. Also fits aftermarket Mustang II crossmembers. Bushings included. (Can be used with a Saginaw GM power steering pump without any additional valves or inline pressure regulators). Overall width is 45-1/8" with 15-1/2" mount centers. Must use offset bushings (910-34342) to mount to original Mustang II crossmembers. 3/4"-36 spline input shaft.

91034340 CPP Instructions (PDF)  

Mustang II Outer Tie Rod End, Manual Version
(Part #91034316)

Outer tie rod and inner extension fits left or right, attaches steering rack to spindles. Fits both manual Mustang II and 1982-1988 T-Bird power racks.

  • 9/16"-18 R/H female thread
  • 3.40" long from stud centerline to end
Power Steering Fitting, -6 AN to 1/2 Inch-20 O-Ring
(Part #6174823)
                        These steel fittings have a straight thread with o-ring on one side and the common AN6 on the other. Common to Ford rack and pinion and others.