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Murray Atomic Missile Parts
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During the years 1954 to 1964, as the U.S. was entering the "space age," Murray countered with it's own sign of the times in the form of the three-wheeled Atomic Missile, Super Sonic Jet, and Sky Rocket pedal vehicles.

The performance-minded youngster had the choice of two drive trains on these wheelers, the usual pedal drive, or the smoother dyna-chain drive.

An extra large semi-pneumatic front tire and solid rubber rear tires provided maximum pedaling performance. Murray's "out-of-this world" styling was reflected in the colorful paint schemes and realistic dual jet controls with simulated gauges and instruments.

A noise-making "motor tone" shifter added to the authentic fun. In 1970, a three-wheeler called the 727 Jet Plane took off. It featured the same styling and had the same realistic features as its predecessors.

These vehicles were offered with many different graphics painted on the sides. The background colors accurately depict original paint color schemes from Murray.

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