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Honeycomb Mounting Kit for Transmission Coolers/Fans/Shrouds

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Includes (4) each retaining cables, foam mounts, retainers, and mounting tabs.
Honeycomb Mounting Kit for Transmission Coolers/Fans/Shrouds

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Use this nylon mounting kit to mount your transmission cooler.

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Pro-Blend 4012 Transmission Cool ATF Additive, 11.5 Oz. Bottle
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                        Use the same technology in your automatic tranny as you use in your engine. Reduces transmission fluid temperatures by up to 57°. Increases tranny life by reducing friction. 11-1/2" oz.
Fan/Shroud/Cooler Mounting Kit
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This mount kit consists of 4 threaded plastic bolts 3/16" diameter and approx. 8-1/2" long. Also includes 4 1/4" spacers, 8 thin washers, and 4 metal wingnuts.

Works great for mounting your fan shroud, electric fan, or oil cooler directly to your radiator.

Universal Transmission Cooler Installation Kit
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This automatic transmission cooler installation kit includes 5/16" hose and fittings.

Lokar KD-2350U TH350 Kickdown Kit
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These Turbo 350 transmission kickdown kits have a stainless bracket that mounts on rear manifold bolts. Designed for 4 barrel carburetors on S/B Chevy engines. Kit includes extender for more versatility in adjusting cable length where needed. For TH350 transmission application.

Note: Cable housing cannot be cut to fit.