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Moroso 74050 Sealed Battery Box


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What's in the Box

Moroso's sealed plastic box is ideal for relocating a battery to the rear of any race, street or show vehicle with or without a rear firewall.
  • Holds a Series 21, 24, 26, 34, 42, 54, 55, 56, 61, 62, 63, 85, 86 and 96R battery with either top-post or side-post terminals
  • Outside Dimensions: 13-1/8" W, 11-1/8" D, 11-1/8" T
  • Fully approved for racing by NHRA, IHRA and SCCA
  • Includes all mounting hardware, rubber cable clamps and grommets
  • Air-tight lid is sealed with closed-cell foam gaskets to prevent battery gasses from entering vehicle
  • Injection molded polyethylene resists battery acid
  • Convenient quick-lock fasteners accessed from top, eliminating the need to reach under in tight spaces to secure nut
  • Vent tube carries battery gasses outside of vehicle
  • 3/8" steel hold-down rods keep battery secure 
545-74050 Instructions (PDF)

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Requires a 1.270" hole for mounting. Threaded stud is 3/8".

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Box measures 7.5” x 4” x 4.5”

Accel 1843 Battery Cable, 3 Feet, 2 Gauge, Black Ground Cable

ACCEL battery wire is half the weight of traditional battery cable. The copper clad aluminum design allows your racecar to have the same amount of energy and power running thru your battery cables but at half the weight. This allows you to lighten up your car or add weight were it will help the car handle better.

  • 3 Feet universal battery grounding cable- 2 Gauge ground wire in black
  • Lightning cable is half the weight of standard battery cable
  • Copper Clad aluminum allows maximum energy transfer
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  • Easy-to-use compression fitting
  • Will work with ACCEL Lightning cables.
  • For 2-gauge wire
  • Made from heavy-duty lead