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Model T Turtle Deck

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Includes rear panel and deck lid.
Model T Turtle Deck

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

This all new, redesigned fiberglass Turtle Deck unit will bolt onto 1922-25 Model T bodies. Features a functional opening deck lid.

Note: Hinge and latch hardware is sold separately.


  • 36" long
  • 33" wide
  • 16" deep

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Product Q&A

3 questions : 3 answers

How do you mount the turtle deck How is the turtle deck mounted to the 23 body shell?

1 answers
February 03, 2015

How do you mount the turtle deck How is the turtle deck mounted to the 23 body shell?


February 04, 2015
The turtle deck has a flange around the front perimeter. Once lined up and clamped in place holes are drilled thru the body and the flange and then bolts and nuts along with large flat body washers are used to retain in place. If desired some customers also fiberglass the deck to the body for a smooth transition.

doe's the turtle deck have plywood inside for support

1 answers
43 West Park Road, Grand Island, NY 14072, USA
March 06, 2014

doe's the turtle deck have plywood inside for support


March 07, 2014
The deck lid has an inner and outer for strength and the area of the hinges and latch is reinforced. There is no floor and this is up to the installer as to location height wise that a fiberglass floor would be installed.

Will this turtle deck work with your basic 23T body and frame?

1 answers
Littlestown, PA 17340, USA
December 16, 2013

Will this turtle deck work with your basic 23T body and frame?


December 17, 2013
This turtle deck will work with our 23 T-bucket body. With the extra length of the turtle deck a frame extension may be considered for extra support.
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