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Model T Brass Radiator Cap

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Screws into all stock Model T filler necks.
Model T Brass Radiator Cap

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What's in the Box

Same as stock 1909-1915 Model T. Has four fins or "ears". Screws into all stock Model T filler necks. Brass only.

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Model T Dog Bone Radiator Cap, Brass, Undrilled
(Part #91112202)

These Dog Bone caps are a reproduction of an original aftermarket accessory that were available during the Model T era. These cast brass caps are 6-1/2” long. The Dog bone style makes removing your radiator cap easier by giving you a more convenient area to grip and to twist turn the hot cap, as the arms are outboard and they cool off in the air. Many people like using it to add some style to your Model T.

Model T Dog Bone Radiator Cap

  • Fits 1909-1927 Ford Model T radiators
  • Screws into stock filler necks
  • 6-1/2" long (end to end)
  • Undrilled
  • Brass finish
Model T Gull Wing Cap, Brass, Undrilled
(Part #91112206)

Graceful, swept-back wing shape adds class and style to any Model T. Screws onto radiator filler neck.*

*NOTE: Cap does not fit our Model T filler neck 91112221 or 91112220.

Learn more about cooling systems, how to choose the proper pressure cap, and how they work by reading our tech article. Cooling System Principles.  

Model T Hex Radiator Cap, Brass, Drilled
(Part #91112210)

Screws into the top of stock Model T filler necks or our repros. This drilled style accepts motor meters.

Simichrome Polish
(Part #91080109)

World renowned Simichrome Polish will make what was once gleaming, beautiful again. A soft paste polish for chrome, brass, aluminum, magnesium, stainless, copper, or virtually any uncoated non-ferrous metal! 

  • Removes surface rust from chrome
  • Polishes aluminum to a "like new" finish
  • Leaves behind an invisible protective coating

Comes in a 1.76 oz. tube.

Model T Filler Neck Gaskets, Set/5
(Part #91112222)

Set of 5 radiator filler neck gaskets.

Book - The Official Guide to Cooling Systems
(Part #91085230)

Learn the secrets of how a cooling system works so you can solve your own cooling system problems. This book was written by a man who has 20-plus years preparing pre-1948 cars for the 4,000-mile Great Race across the United States. Great info for all, but geared toward the Flathead Ford V8.

By Randy Rundle. 8.5" x 11", 36 pages.