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Lightweight Steel GN Rear Hub

Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Black Oxide
Bolt Pattern:
5 on 5"
Stud Length:
Stud Diameter:
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Mittler Lightweight Steel Grand National Rear Hub, 5 on 5 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

These lightweight steel Grand National rear hubs will make use of and work in conjunction with a rotor adaptor flange, # 910-48354-GN shown below . 5-1/2 lbs. With 5/8" coarse studs and races. IMCA approved. 5 on 5".

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Grand National Steel Brake Rotor Adapter Plate, 8 on 7 Inch BC
(Part #91048354)
                        Fits 8 bolt on 7" center rotors.  For use on GN rear hub, 910-48351-DIR, to permit attachment of brake rotors.
Grand National Hub Outer Seal
(Part #912S29866)

Replacement outer seal for your GN hubs.

Winters Performance 1750 Grand National Hub Assembly, 5 on 5 Inch
(Part #8022255)
                        Replacement hub assembly with 5 on 5" bolt pattern..
Winters Grand National Replacement Hub Assembly, 5 on 4-3/4 Inch
(Part #8022566C)
                        Replacement hub assembly with 5 on 4-3/4" bolt pattern..
Winters 2-1/2 Inch Grand National Angler Contact Bearing
(Part #8027301AC)
                        Replaces the 2-1/2" GN bearing standard hubs used on many modifieds.  Less friction equals more speed.  No machine work required. Work great for those in limited horsepower classes who want to capitalize on every advantage they can get!
Speedway Grand National Rear Hub, 5 on 5 Inch
(Part #91048385)
                        5 on 5" bolt pattern with studs and races. Direct replacement for Winters and others.
Mittler Grand National Aluminum Drive Flange, 5-on-5 Inch
(Part #91048357)

The diameter of the GN HAT flange is smaller than the diameter of the DIRECT flange, therefore the HAT flange will work either rotor mount application, but the DIRECT flange will only work with direct mount rotor setups.

"DIR" Refers to a hub assembly that uses a rotor adaptor that bolts the rotor directly to the back of the hub. "HAT" refers to a hub assembly that uses a rotor and hat assembly that slides over the outside of the hub to mount to the rotor.

Be sure to give the two countersunk retainer screws a liberal dab of grease or anti-seize compound.

Low Drag Angular Contact Grand National Bearing - Ceramic Ball Bearing
(Part #9127301AC)
                        For a 9" Ford Grand National Hub off road/circle track application.
AFCO 10355 Grand National Rear Hub Bearings
(Part #10610355)
                        Kit Fits all GN 5 x 5 hubs except Super Speedway and Howe.  Comes with  RH 10206 locknut
DRP Performance 10518 Grand National Rear Hub Bearing Spacer
(Part #91010518)

These hub bearing spacers allow for consistent and precise bearing load every time the spindle nut is tightened, regardless of the torque applied. Without a bearing spacer, bearings are typically over tightened to prevent loosening during the race. With a bearing spacer installed, you can completely tighten the spindle nut and the hub will spin free every time. Bearing spacers save time, reduce bearing temperature and greatly increase wheel free spin, putting more horsepower to the wheels. You can feel the difference by simply pushing the car!

Testing has shown that the bearing spacer will make more difference than any “Low Drag” bearing set up currently available. When the spacer is used in conjunction with “Low Drag” Tapered bearings and seals, you will have the ultimate Low Drag set-up. These adjustable bearings feature a threaded sleeve and set screw to ensure you'll never have to worry about an over-tightened hub again!

  • 2.5” Short Track 5×5 Rear
  • Adjustable
  • 200%-300% more free spin vs. no spacer
  • Designed to fit all Grand National spindle and hub combinations
  • Makes servicing hubs simple & quick
  • Bearings run cooler
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates bearing “Spin” on spindle
  • Distributes side load evenly across bearings
  • Works on tapered and angular contact bearings
  • Once Set, typically never has to be adjusted unless bearings or hub is replaced
  • Instructions Included
  • Precision Machined in the USA
  • +/- .001” Minimum Parallelism
  • Sold each
Grand National 9 Inch Ford Rear End Hub Replacement Bearing
(Part #912TL610549)
                        Replacement bearing cup (912-TL610510) and cone (912-TL610549) for GN Hub.