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Mini-Sprint Aluminum Rear Sprocket, 6.438 Inch Bolt Circle


Material Type:
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Overall Diameter:
Hole Diameter:
Inside Diameter:
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Bolt Hole Pattern:
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Overall Width:
For 520 tooth chain.

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What's in the Box

These lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum sprockets for Mini/Micro Sprints fit 6-lug hubs with the 6.438" bolt circle. Available from 42-55 tooth.

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6.438 Inch for Bailey, Factor One, Sawyer and Others
                        These 27-spline quick change sprocket carriers allow faster gear changes without the need for extra sprocket carriers. Includes nylon chain guards. 
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                        High Quality of 120 links of 520 Gold chain. Full or half link sold separately. Works great for any Micro Sprint.
M&W Quick Change 27 Spline Sprocket Carrier w/ Chain Guard, 6.438 Inch

These 27-spline quick change sprocket carriers allow faster gear changes without the need for extra sprocket carriers. Includes chain guards. 


6.438 Inch for Bailey, Factor One, Sawyer and others


M&W SH-525-2 Non QC 27-Spline Sprocket Carrier w/ Chain Guard, 5.25 In

M&W Aluminum 27 Spline Sprocket Carriers with Chain Guards. Works great on any Mini Sprint Axle.

  • Non Quick Change
  • Durable
  • For Stallard, PMP, Hyper, RTS, and others
Ultralight Sprocket Carrier - 6.438 Inch Bolt Pattern
                        Reduce rotating weight with a billet aluminum hub for sprockets with 6.438" bolt pattern.  Works with all 1.75" x 27 spline rear axles.  .45 lbs.
M&W SG-525-2 Micro/Mini/600 Sprocket Guard, 5.25 Inch Bolt Circle
                        Use these on both sides of your sprocket hub as a chain guide and protection against debris.
RK 520 XSO X-Ring Chain

A premium O-ring chain for the most demanding high performance applications. The X-ring shaped seal features two lubrication pools and seal points versus traditional O-ring chains. This design offers less torsional friction, increased high-stressed performance, and a 30% longer wear life.

Klotz KL-605 Synthetic Chain Lube Aerosol

Klotz Hi-Performance Chain Lube contains ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System for all street, off-road, and racing applications. Specially formulated for conventional and O-ring type roller chains to provide the maximum level of lubrication and rust protection. Klotz ExtraTac™ Anti-Wear System penetrates deeply to displace moisture and dirt and allow for maximum corrosion protection.

Laser Chain Alignment Tool
  • No More Measuring!
  • Billet Construction
  • Precision Accuracy
Never lose a chain again!  Machined and factory calibrated for precision accuracy, this tool will save you time and money.  Simply use the thumb screw to fasten to the top of your rear sprocket and align to the center of your counter sprocket.
Lucas 10525 Sprocket and Chain Lube, 4oz

Designed with an additive package to prolong the life of sprockets and chains. Fortified with “moly” and other dry film lubricants, you can expect less friction at high RPM’s for less drag and longer component life.

  • Water resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Resist slinging
  • Less friction
  • Provides excellent anti-rust protection


1999-2012 Yamaha R6 Steel Counter Sprocket
                        1999 - 2012 Yamaha R6 steel counter sprocket.
M&W SH-643 Micro/Mini/600 Sprocket Hub, 6.438 Inch Bolt Cirle
                        Great for having spare sprockets mounted for quick gear changes.  Lightweight CNC machined aluminum.