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Midwest Industries Studebaker Parts
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The name of the game was quality, not quantity with Midwest Industries, as only two body styles were offered. The sedan style pedal car was a direct reflection of the full-sized Studebaker Hawk. Called the Jet Hawk, it featured fins, a large hood ornament and a flashy paint job.

Midwest Industries made a couple of grahics changes to the car to introduce the Sportster and Strato-Jet. During production, Midwest made two minor body style additions. A rear platform made the Sedan into a Hook and Ladder, and later, a slight hood modification and the transformation to a flatter style grille created a different look. There was no mass production of the Midwest Industries cars, but the run lasted until 1962. Today, the cars are relatively hard to find, but the restoration parts are not!

These cars were offered with different graphics painted on the sides. The background colors accurately depict original paint color schemes from Midwest Industries.

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