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Mallory Ignition 5072101 32-41 Flathead 3 Bolt Electronic Distributor


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Q & A

What's in the Box

Mallory Magnetic Breakerless Electronic Distributor for 1932-1941 Ford Flathead V8 with the 3-bolt mount. Includes Mallory Super-Duty cap (points style) and rotor with brass terminals.

  • Adjustable mechanical advance
  • Self-lubricating bushings provide years of trouble-free service
  • Easy 3-wire hookup
  • Does not require an external control box
  • For 12 volt systems only

500-5071601 Instructions (PDF)


Note: This distributor requires 1.4 ohms of coil resistance. If you are using a coil with less than 1.4 ohms, you must us a ballast resistor that will achieve the required 1.4 ohm total resistance. If you are using coil # 447-45001, no resistor will be required.


  • Measures approx. 4" from where it sits on the front cover to the outside of the cap
  • Some '42-'48 models may encounter some water pump/fan interference due to slight increase in distributor length (modification maybe required)

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Moroso OE64011 Flathead Universal Spark Plug Wires Kit

Finally, a set of 7mm supression spark plug cables as a universal plug wire kit for your Flathead.

We started with black, 7mm suppressive core wire that will go through your looms. The 90° black plug boots are installed but you have to install the straight or 90° distributor ends. We even put in enough wire to place your coil on the firewall. Comes with straight boots for the distributor end of the plug wire. Black only.

Two sets of boots/terminals are included, one set for conventional socket-type caps and one set for HEI type caps. The set includes 9 cables, the longest being 51" and the shortest being 24". Use eight for the plugs, one for the coil.

Learn how to properly attach new spark plug terminals and boots by reading our tech article. How to Install Spark Plug Wire Ends.

PerTronix 40001 Flame-Thrower Coil, Chrome

The hotter the spark, the easier your engine will start, and this 40,000 volt coil is just the ticket to a quick start! Its higher voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for added power, smoother response and better fuel economy. These coils are internally resisted so they are compatible with many inductive ignition systems.  

  • Smooth chrome finish 
  • 40,000 volts
  • For use with 12 volt inductive ignition systems.
  • 1.5 Ohm primary resistance
  • Legal in all 50 states and Canada
Mallory Ignition 2572101 32-41 Flathead 3 Bolt Dual Point Distributor

Mallory dual point distributors stabilize contact points eliminating point float and bounce to increase coil output. Super-Duty Cap and Rotor feature brass terminals to prevent shorting and arcing. Distributor is "ready-to-run" as the points, condenser, rotor and cap are all installed. Points are set to the proper gap.

  • Fits '32-'41 3-bolt mount Flathead V8
  • Adjustable mechanical advance
  • Self-lubricating bushings provide years of trouble-free service
  • Uses special heavy-duty points for increased RPM range & coil output
  • Ready to install & run

500-2571601 Instructions (PDF)

Note: This distributor is very likely to be in the way of the stock fan when used on 1941-1948 Ford and Mercurys. An electric fan may solve this problem.

Mallory Ignition 609 Replacement Magnetic Breakerless Module

Mallory's Magnetic Breakerless Ignition Modules are self contained module assemblies which have no moving parts to wear out. Using Mallory's time tested breakerless ignition circuit, combined with modern surface mount Thermal-Cladé construction, these ignition modules can drive both OEM and high performance ignition coils. Hookup is as easy as a three wire connection.


Mallory Ignition 221A 1932-48 Flathead Crab Style Distributor Caps
                        Replacement caps for Mallory distributors on 1932-48 Ford Flathead V8s.
Mallory Ignition 700 Ballast Resistor, .75-1.50 Ohm

Stabilize coil current and prolong point life with Mallory ballast resistors. Computer-wound to ensure resistance value. Premium ceramic bodies provide maximum durability and superior heat transfer. Recommended when a new coil is installed.

Mallory Unilite distributors include self-contained modules that require a ballast resistor, loom resistance wire, or internally resisted coil (ex. when using HyFire CD Ignitions). Using a heavy duty porcelain resistor and threaded terminal connectors, this resistor is rated at 200 watts and 0.75 (cold) – 1.5 (hot) ohms.