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Main Bearing Spacers - Small Block Chevy, 350 Crank

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Main Bearing Spacers - Small Block Chevy, 350 Crank
Main Bearing Spacers - Small Block Chevy, 350 Crank
Main Bearing Spacers - Small Block Chevy, 350 Crank
Main Bearing Spacers - Small Block Chevy, 350 Crank

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Put a 350 crank in a 400 block.  Simply snap in and install regular 350 main bearings.  Reusable.

Spacer bearing makes up for difference in crank journal diameters.

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ARP Fasteners 234-5501 S/B Chevy 2 Bolt Main Stud Kit for Windage Tray
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Choose ARP S/B Chevy Main Stud Kits for the ultimate in strength and reliability. These studs fit 2-bolt main blocks and accept windage trays (windage tray not included).

  • Preferred by many professional engine builders
  • Properly positions the gasket
  • Special bullet nose accurately guides the cover into position
  • Made of chrome moly steel with a black oxide finish
  • Nuts feature a wide base for better load distribution and sealing
  • Compact head is easily accessed
Clevite H-Series 1969-Up Small Block Chevy Rod Bearings
(Part #757R663H)
                        Clevite's H-Series was developed primarily for use in NASCAR type racing, but  they are suitable for all types of competition engines. These sets are  specifically for 1969-Up 302-305-327-350 S/B Chevy "Large Journal" engine (with 2.100" rod  journals).
  • Use H-series bearings with crankshafts that have oversize fillets and where engines run in the medium to high RPM range.
  • H-Series bearings should be used if contact patterns obtained with P-series parts are too narrow. Contact pattern should ideally cover 2/3 to 3/4 of the bearing surface.
  • If you aren't sure which type of performance bearing to start with, the H-Series will be your best choice.
  • X001 has .001" extra bearing clearance

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Clevite P-Series 1955-69 Small Block Chevy Rod Bearings
(Part #757R673)

Not to be confused with standard "passenger" car bearings, Clevite's P-Series is their oldest line of premium high performance bearings. These sets are specifically for 265-283-302-327 S/B Chevy "small journal" engines built from 1955-1969 (with 2.00" rod journal).

  • Use P-Series rod bearings where extremely high RPM’s cause severe rod bore close-in.
  • Use P-Series main bearings where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns and to provide increased oiling to rod bearings.

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Green Plastigauge for Bearing Clearance, .001-.003 Inch
(Part #9151004)
                        Place a piece of this thread on a rod or main journal, torque cap in place, remove cap and by using the included chart, you know what your bearing clearance is. You should have one of each when assembling your engine.