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MSD 83647 Heat HEI Ignition Module

MSD 83647 Heat HEI Ignition Module
Product Video
MSD 83647 Heat HEI Ignition Module

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Follow along as an MSD HEAT HEI Module is installed on a classic HEI distributor.



Q & A

What's in the Box

This all new Heat HEI Module supersedes the current PN 83645. Using upgraded components, the HEAT produces high output for stock and MSD applications plus has a built-in rev limiter that is more accurate and easier to set with the engine running.

Works with non-computer controlled (4-Pin) HEI housings.

  • Easily installs to non-computer controlled (4-Pin) HEI housings
  • Built-in adjustable rev limiter can easily be set externally
  • Advanced dwell control for improved high rpm output
  • The Hottest HEI Module you buy-period!
  • Produces an incredible 7.5 amps of juice!
  • Adjust the rev limiter without removing the cap!
  • Fits in stock HEI distributors

547-83647 Instructions (PDF)

MSD Tech Bulletin (PDF)

MSD Rebate (Link)


Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.
4 reviews
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Lee's Summit MO
Product Rating

Great Product

November 09, 2014
I drive 4 mile to & from work, had trouble with fouling plugs on 350 Chevy street car. Put this module in with an HEI Blaster Coil and stabilized spark, no more fouled plugs.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Verified Purchaser
wichita ks
Product Rating

great product

May 27, 2014
It is a great product especially if you need the plug on the end for dist.
  • wiring plug
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Cincinnati, OH, USA
Product Rating

Guarnteed perfomance

May 14, 2014
With the OEM module installed I had a distinct miss over 6000 rpm. after installing this heat module, the miss went away, and in my opinion, the performance of my dirt track car improved slightly. My previous unit lasted me 5 1/2 seasons. Cant go wrong with this unit.
  • increase the burn
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Verified Purchaser
Ironton ohio
Product Rating


August 24, 2012
Put the module in my dirt track car. Very easy installation of this part, improvement on performance and no need to change limit pills. Can't find one negative thing to say about the module great product
  • Easy To Install
  • Improves Performance
  • Provides Accurate Readings
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

2 questions : 2 answers

how do you reset the limiter to different settings once its installed

1 answers
April 15, 2015

how do you reset the limiter to different settings once its installed


April 16, 2015
Page 2 of the instructions gives a step by step process for setting the rev-limiter. You can see the instructions here:

was is the rev limiter on this modual set to is it adjustable and what is the rev limit?

1 answers
April 13, 2015

was is the rev limiter on this modual set to is it adjustable and what is the rev limit?


April 14, 2015
This module does have a built in rev limiter. See the instructions in the link below for the procedure to set and check the rev limiter.
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HEI owners now have a choice to replace their stock coil with the MSD High Energy Unitized Coil for GM HEI Distributors. This coil is a direct re­placement of the stock coil. The coil features special low induc­tance, high temperature windings which charge faster to give you increased spark energy at higher rpm. The premium epoxy filled construction is designed to withstand harsh race applications as well as the wear and tear that daily usage dishes out, and still deliver more spark energy to the spark plugs.

  • Direct performance replacement for GM HEI coil-in-cap distributors
  • 70:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • Full power sparks to 9,000 RPM when used with 8364 MSD HEI Module
  • Recommended for use with MSD HEI Module PN 8364

MSD Rebate (Link)

HEI Advance Curve Kit
(Part #550929)
                        Modifies any GM HEI distributor with either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and offers plenty of curve possibilities.  Center plate eliminates overcentering of centrifugal weights.  Comes complete with detailed instructions. 

NOTE: Installation of this kit may alter emission levels.

550-929 Instructions (PDF) 

HEI External Timing Adjustment Knob
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This little jewel replaces the vacuum advance on an HEI distributor. This allows you to change the timing without having to loosen the distributor - just turn the knob.

Fits V8 engine HEI distributor only.

Taylor Cable 76240 8mm Spark Plug Wires-Solid Core-Under Headers-90
(Part #69876240)

Taylor Cable’s 8mm Spiro-Pro Series outperforms the competition in both looks and performance at a price you can afford. Spiro-Pro is simply a top of the line high performance 8mm ignition wire and is an excellent choice for race only applications with it's solid wire core.

  • High grade silicone over silicone resists temperatures up to 600°
  • Color coordinated silicone boots add a touch of class
  • HEI boots have "Professional Grips" for easy on/off installation
  • Double spring locking spark plug terminals provide a firm grip
  • Wire core for racing applications
  • Use with magnetos and point style ignition systems (non electronic)
  • Fully assembled
  • Coil wire is 35" long and requires final assembly
Moroso Spark Plug Wires, Over Valve Covers, HEI Cap Ends, Install-Ready
(Part #91064315)

If you have ever tried to put plug wires together yourself, you know how fustrating it can be. These pre-assembled Moroso 8mm spiral core wires are fiberglass reinforced with a silicone outer layer. Wires have 90° boots on both ends. Available in red or black for small block Chevy.

  • 90 Degree boots on both ends  
  • Over the valve cover wire route
  • HEI distributor cap ends
  • Designed for small block Chevy
  • Coil wire not included

Note: HEI type sets do not include remote coil wire

MSD 5554 Street-Fire Spark Plug Wires Set, Small Block Chevy 350 HEI
(Part #5475554)

Street Fire low resistance spark plug wires feature a low resistance conductor that’s wrapped in a sleek and durable black sleeve. The terminals are covered in black boots that protect the conductor from engine heat to ensure spark delivery. Street Fire spark plug wires have the quality you've come to expect from MSD Ignition at a price that's comparable to other brands. They feature spiral-wound, low-resistance conductors and high EMI suppression capabilities, with 90 degree boots.

  • Long enough to go over valve covers
  • Helically wound conductor suppresses electro and radio noise
  • Kevlar core combination for great strength and durability
  • Heavy duty terminals for secure connection
  • 8mm silicone and synthetic jacket resists heat and abrasion
  • 500 ohms per foot resistance for improved spark delivery and power
  • Silicone boots protect against high exhaust temps
These wires are for S/B Chevys with an HEI cap and are designed to be routed over the valve covers.
MSD 8843 Spark Plug Wire Separators, Pro-Clamp
(Part #5478843)

Separate your plug wires to keep them from arcing across one another with these MSD Pro-Clamp wire separators.

Set is supplied with two 4-wire, two 3-wire, and four 2-wire separators.

MSD Rebate (Link)

Performance Distributors S12000 DUI Brass Terminal HEI Cap & Rotor Kit
(Part #91013200)

Don't cheat your engine out of any firepower available! This kit offers up to 50% higher dielectric strength and can handle all the voltage available with 100% brass terminals for maximum conductivity.

  • Improved well design in the rotor eliminates burn-through
  • Made from THE ideal resin for HEI cap and rotor design
  • Nylon rotor screws eliminate a "ground" for the voltage to jump at high RPM
Accel 9018C GM HEI 75-86 Extreme 9000 Ceramic Plug Wires, Under Valve
(Part #1059018)

Accel offers the cure for burnt spark plug wire boots with the Extreme 9000 Series Ceramic spark plug wire set. These 8mm spiral core spark plug wires have ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wires which makes it impossible to melt or burn boots. If you are running headers with close tolerances, have an engine bay with little room or an RV with boots that melt because of heat, these wire kits are the answer for burnt and melting boots.

  • 8mm Ferro-Spiral EMI/RFI supression core
  • 500 Ohms/ft resistance
  • Ceramic boots will withstand 2000° F
  • Stainless terminals
  • For 1975-86 GM small block V8 HEI (under valve covers)

Ceramic Wire Core Cut-A-Way (Link)

MSD 8416 GM HEI Distributor Cap and Rotor
(Part #5478416)

The cap and rotor of any ignition system must be considered mainte­nance items. Just as you change the oil and filter of your car, you should always replace the cap and rotor as a set. To make things easy, we now offer these Cap and Rotor Replacement Kits.

MSD Rebate (Link)

Scott HEI Plug Wires w/ Coil Wire, 8.5mm - Black
(Part #9100407C-BLK)
                        Scott Performance spark plug wires feature high-temp silicone plug boots with each cylinder numbered. Stainless steel spark plug terminals connect to wire-wound suppression cores, all wrapped in a 8.5mm silicone jacket. Wires are factory terminated for easy installation.
  • Fits S/B Chevy engine (under headers)
  • 8.5mm HEI Style
  • Comes with coil wire
  • Available in Red or Black
MSD 35599 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires Set, S/B Chevy HEI, Under Headers
(Part #54735599)

What makes or breaks a plug wire is not only how well the wire is insulated, but how low of resistance the center core has. These assembled wire sets test 40-50 ohms per foot, while most others test 1500 ohms per foot.

These low resistance spark plug wires are designed for Small Block Chevys with HEI and are routed under the headers. 

Learn how to properly attach new spark plug terminals and boots by reading our tech article. How to Install Spark Plug Wire Ends.

MSD Rebate (Link)