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MSD 8408 Ford HEI Distributor Cap

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MSD 8408 Ford HEI Distributor Cap
MSD 8408 Ford HEI Distributor Cap

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MSD 8408 Ford HEI Distributor Cap



Q & A

What's in the Box

MSD molds these distributor caps in-house. These caps are injection molded from DuPont® Rynite material and feature spark plug-style terminals. These terminals offer improved locking connections and the Rynite material is extremely strong.

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MSD 8445 Cap-A-Dapt Kit

If the new Pro-Cap doesn't work on your application, these MSD Cap-A-Dapts will do the trick. The MSD Cap-A-Dapt adapts a large, Ford style cap onto your MSD distributor. This large cap spaces the spark plug terminals farther apart which lessens the chances of cross-fire and ionization occurring. Spark plug-style terminals are used on the cap for tight connections that will not vibrate loose.

The Cap-A-Dapts will install on most MSD Pro-Billet Distributors (except the Ford FE). Kits are supplied with a high quality cap with brass terminals, rotor and cap spacer.  

547-8445 Instructions (PDF)

MSD 8423 Rotor for Cap-A-Dapt

Rotor is injection molded out of DuPont Rynite for incredible strength and resistance to spark. Thick vanes are incorporated to stir up the air in the cap for even more ionization prevention.

547-8423 Instructions (PDF)

MSD 8446 Cap-A-Dapt Adapter Base Only

Ensure that you have the finest distributor cap available by using one of these MSD Extra Duty distributor caps. They're designed with performance in mind, are molded from a high-quality, voltage-insulating material, and use low-resistance terminals for maximum conductivity.