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MSD 84022 Extreme HEI Coil Cover

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MSD 84022 Extreme HEI Coil Cover

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What's in the Box

Replacement coil dust cover for MSD Extreme Output HEI Kit # 547-8502. Made from DuPont Rynite.

MSD Rebate (Link)


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HEI Advance Curve Kit
(Part #550929)
                        Modifies any GM HEI distributor with either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and offers plenty of curve possibilities.  Center plate eliminates overcentering of centrifugal weights.  Comes complete with detailed instructions. 

NOTE: Installation of this kit may alter emission levels.

550-929 Instructions (PDF) 

HEI External Timing Adjustment Knob
(Part #91012344)

This little jewel replaces the vacuum advance on an HEI distributor. This allows you to change the timing without having to loosen the distributor - just turn the knob.

Fits V8 engine HEI distributor only.

Seals-It FC-1001 French Distributor Clamp
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"French" distributor clamps for Chevys provide superior clamping power and compensate for misalignment.

MSD 84101 Extreme Output Rotor, GM HEI
(Part #54784101)
                        Extreme Output Rotor for MSD HEI and GM HEI.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

  • Extreme output rotor