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Holley 12-804 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-4 PSI

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Material Type:
Overall Height:
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3/8" NPT
This part is flash chromed.
Holley 12-804 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-4 PSI
Holley 12-804 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-4 PSI

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This Holley universal low pressure fuel regulator is factory-set to 2.7 PSI, but is fully adjustable from 1 to 4 PSI. Use with standard pump only - not recommended for maximum pressure pumps. Fuel pressure regulator includes mounting bracket.

Regulator has a 3/8" NPT tapped fuel pressure gauge port and requires reducer 617-6157 to install the gauge. Fuel pump regulator has 3/8" NPT inlet/outlet ports.

427-12804 Instructions (PDF)

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Holley 12-704 Big Port Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, 4.5-9 PSI

This universal fuel regulator regulates pressure from 4-1/2 to 9 PSI. This fuel pump regulator has one 1/2" NPT inlet and two 1/2" NPT outlet ports. Works with low pressure carbureted systems and as an alcohol fuel regulator.

  • Includes mounting hardware and AN style fittings
  • Alcohol compatible
  • .437" (7/16") restriction

425-12704 Instructions (PDF)

Aeromotive 13109 Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator, 40-75 PSI

A stock fuel regulator may be fine for some, but they are not designed for performance or adjustability. The Aeromotive A1000 rising rate fuel pressure regulator allows you to adjust fuel pressure from 40-75 PSI and has a 1:1 boost referencing ratio if needed. EFI fuel pressure regulator has two -6 AN female O-ring inlet ports, and one outlet. There is also a 1/8" NPT port to mount a pressure gauge if desired. 

  • Base pressure adjustable from 40-75 PSI
  • Gasoline and alcohol compatible
  • Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio with boost
  • 1/8” NPT gauge port
  • Provides (2) ORB-06 inlet ports and (1) ORB-06 return port
  • Bypass fuel pressure regulator

910-13109 Instructions (PDF)

Offenhauser Chrome Universal Adjust. Fuel Pressure Regulator, 1-6 PSI
                        This Offenhauser chrome universal fuel regulator is adjustable from 1-6 PSI, making it an affordable option for a variety of low pressure carbureted applications. Fuel pump regulator has 1/8" NPT female threads and includes both 5/16" and 3/8" hose barb connectors.
Holley 12-807 Fuel Pressure Regulator Diaphragm Repair Kit

These genuine Holley diaphragm repair kits will allow you to restore the performance of your high-mileage fuel pressure regulator. With these repair kits, you'll regain the accuracy and performance of the regulator from when it was new.

This diaphragm repair kit is for 12-803 and 12-804 regulators.

MFG. Part #: 12-807

Aluminum Pipe Bushing Reducer Fitting, 3/8 NPT to 1/8 NPT

Aluminum pipe bushing reducer adapter fitting. Blue anodized finish.

Fitting Thread Application Chart (GIF)