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Louvered Stainless License Plate Back

Louvered Stainless License Plate Back

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This louvered stainless license plate back adds detail and strength. 


  • 12-1/4" wide
  • 6" tall

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Black Electric Hidden License Plate Kit, Ignition Operated
(Part #91050149-BLK)
                        These electric hide-away license plate kits are designed to operate off of your ignition switch – up when showing/down when driving. They feature all electrical components with a steel cased motor and steel gears. A slip clutch is incorporated on the drive shaft of the motor.  These kits are an easy install with two wires to the front of vehicle and they are protected for safety by two 10 amp fuses – one in each main wire.
  • Flip the license plate down when you turn the key on
  • Flips back up when turned off
  • Includes wire, connectors and hardware
  • Available in stainless steel or black finish   


Instructions (PDF) 

HushMat 10600 Ultra License Plate Kit
(Part #91080507)
                        The HushMat Ultra License Plate Kit is a universal kit designed to stop license plate rattles. HushMat Ultra is self adhesive and adheres to the back of the tag. This kit is designed to eliminate the nuisance rattling of your license plate due to subwoofer vibration or loose fitting frames. We also include a HushMat license plate frame in every box! 
  • Withstands temperatures from -30 degrees up to +400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Self Adhesive peel and stick – no secondary glue and NO spray
  • Trims with razor knife or household scissors

See the Complete line of HushMat kits and materials to complete your build project or to simply create a Quiet, Cool and Comfortable ride in your daily driver.

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