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Longacre 50888 Air Density Gauge

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Comes with storage case. 60-120 percent density range.
Longacre 50888 Air Density Gauge

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What's in the Box

Get precise carb jetting every race! This gauge from Longacre helps you set air/fuel ratios to compensate for changes in barometric pressure and air temperature. As air density changes with weather conditions, you should rejet your carb to keep to horsepower and sharp response.

Comes complete with case and jetting chart. 2-1/4" gauge face, 2-7/8" bezel O.D.

Cannot ship by air.

Air Density Gauge Installation Instructions


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Note: This item is not to ship via an air shipping method such as 1-day, 2-day, or 2-day economy shipping.

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