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Lokar BL-1400U Neutral Safety Switch or Back-Up Light Switch Kit

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Lokar BL-1400U Neutral Safety Switch or Back-Up Light Switch Kit
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Lokar BL-1400U Neutral Safety Switch or Back-Up Light Switch Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This switch kit is designed to be used with a Lokar shifter and can be set up as either a neutral safety switch or a back-up light switch with a little creativity.  It can be adapted to most any application.

Neutral Safety Switch Installation Instructions (PDF)  


Works with the following:

TH-350, TH-400, 700-R4, TH-200, 200-4R and 4L60 transmission applications.



Can I use the kit for both a back-up light and neutral safety switch?

No.  The kit is designed to be used as one OR the other, but not both.


When using your kit as a Neutral Safety Switch, what wires in my car are attached to it?

Neutral Safety Switch breaks contact from ignition key "start" position to starter solenoid.  Only one wire is cut for connection.

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  • For TH400 transmission application
  • Neutral Safety Switch
  • Positive Lock-Out in Park and Neutral
  • 360-degree lever rotation for extra leg room
  • Out-from-under-the-dash and away-from-the-seat lever adjustments
  • Brushed aluminum shifter knob
  • Easy-to-remove shifter knobs for simple boot installation
  • Teflon lined button in shifter knobs for smooth operation
  • Chrome-plated lever
  • Gold iridited bracketry
  • All hardware included for installation