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Lokar ED-5002 1979 & Earlier Small Block Chevy Engine Dipsticks


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What's in the Box

The best dipstick you can buy for your Small Block Chevy (SBC) up to 1979.

Length from block to top is 7". Attachment bracket is 3-1/4" long and mounting hole is 2-7/8" center to center from pivot point.


  • Length of tube going into engine is 1-11/16"
  • Outside diameter of tube is .430" and has o-ring seal at top
  • Length of housing from engine to dipstick opening is 5-3/16"
  • Length of knob is 1-3/4"
  • Length of dipstick not including the knob is 17-7/8"
  • Mounting bracket measures 2-7/8" from center of pivot point on housing to center of mounting hole

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Lokar ED-5000ESB Engine Dipstick, Small Block Chevy 1979 & Earlier
                        Features a billet aluminum handle with an O-ring seal. Seats directly into the engine block of pre-1980 S/B Chevy, does not use a tube. Shorty design is perfect for close quarters. Handle length is 2-1/2". 
Champ Pans CP40 1957-79 S/B Chevy Stock Appearing Oil Pan, LH Dipstick
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Red Line 15304 Synthetic 5W30 Engine Oil

Red Line Oil’s team of chemists and blenders formulate fully-synthetic engine oil using only the world’s finest base stocks. This makes Red Line Motor Oil the premium product on the shelf. It’s not designed to be the cheapest – it’s built to be the best. Rather than cutting cost by blending into polyalphaolefin base stock for it’s motor oil, Red Line Oil only uses superior polyester-based products – resulting in lubricants that are extremely stable at high temperatures while providing superior film strength at lower viscosities where more power can be produced.

  • Most popular engine oil for modern road cars and light trucks
  • Thicker oil film at operating temperature than a petroleum 10W40
  • Excellent wear protection and friction reduction across a wide range of operating conditions
  • High detergency allows extended drain intervals and provides increased cleanliness
  • Completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils
1955-1979 Small Block Chevy Aluminum Oil Pan

Polished, 1-piece cast aluminum finned oil pan, ribbed for beauty, strength and heat dissipation. This pan uses a drivers side dipstick. Includes drain plug and mounting bolts.

Mr Gasket 9706G Braided Engine Oil Dipstick, Pre-79 S/B Chevy
  • Billet aluminum handle
  • Flexible braided tube
  • Braided Stainless Steel
Lokar XED-5002 Up to 1979 SBC Midnight Series Flexible Engine Dipstick
                        Flexible Engine Dipstick designed with billet aluminum handle to   coordinate with Lokar's Flexible Transmission Dipstick.  Slim design   allows mounting inside headers.  Designed for use with factory,   Sanderson cast manifolds or block hugger headers.   E-Z read flexible  inner dipstick measuring cable for accurate measure of engine oil.
Lokar 1220014 Up to 79 SBC Anchor-Tight Lock Flexible Engine Dipstick

Get rid of that ugly OEM dipstick and replace it with this clean Lokar piece. It's the best dipstick you can buy for your 1979 & earlier small block Chevy. 

NHRA accepted for use in all categories of competition!

  • Locking mechanism eliminates expulsion of dipstick handle under pressure
  • Holds vacuum
  • Teflon-lined stainless braided outer housing
  • E-Z to read flexible inner dipstick measuring cable
  • Available for 1979 & earlier S/B Chevy engine applications
  • Available in brite anodized finish

Locking Flexible Engine Dipstick Application Chart (Link)