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Lokar BAG-6080 1955-57 Chevy Billet Non-Power Brake Pedal Pad

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Lokar BAG-6080 1955-57 Chevy Billet Non-Power Brake Pedal Pad

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What's in the Box

These brake pedal covers go over your 1955-57 Chevy non-power brake pedals and are retained by 4 allen head button bolts that screw into the back side.

Outside measurement of 6" x 2-3/4" fits 3-1/4" x 1-5/8" original steel pedal.

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Lokar BAG-6074 1955-57 Chevy Billet Throttle Pedal
(Part #4916074)
                        This throttle pedal converts the sloppy original linkage to a modern cable system when used with Lokar throttle cables (sold separately). Pedal is spring loaded and mounts to the firewall, just like the original. The arms are splined for fine adjustment and can be switched for right and left adjustment of the throttle pad. Pad measures 2" x 5".
SPW 1955-57 Chevy Electric Wiper Motor Kit w/ Intermittent Feature
(Part #91123350)

Now you can get rid of that clunky unreliable OEM wiper system and replace it with a modern electric unit that features intermittent wipe. This complete kit from Specialty Power Windows provides a clean installation and reuses your stock bezels and nuts.

The included bracket is designed to mount the motor under the dash to the lower lip beneath the original radio speaker location. Kit DOES NOT mount the motor in the stock location. The motor unit mounts under the dash and is connected to the wiper gearboxes via a Teleflex cable drive system. The wiper gearboxes mount in the stock cowl holes using the stock bezels and retainer nuts.

911-23350 Instructions (PDF)

Unisteer 8010400-01 1955-57 Chevy Power Rack & Pinion
(Part #91032246)

Finally a bolt-on power rack and pinion for 1955-57 Chevy cars. Simply remove the original steering box, idler arm and tie rod assembly and bolt this unit back in using the original mounting holes. Includes tie rod ends, special steering arms, and a pair of banjo fittings to adapt to AN6 fluid lines. Can be used with most GM steering pumps.

  1. This item must be used with OEM style spindles. It WILL NOT work with dropped spindles.
  2. Designed for use with S/B Chevy 265-400 c.i. V-8.
  3. Must use chassis headers and a stock type pan sump for clearance.
  4. Steering U-joint 910-32255 is required (17mm).                                                   

910-32246 Instructions (PDF)                                                                               

Lokar BAG-6076 1955-57 Chevy Billet Brake/Clutch Pedal Cover
(Part #4916076)

These pedal covers go over your 1955-57 Chevy clutch and non-power brake pedals and are retained by 4 allen head button bolts that screw into the back side.

  • Outside measurement of 3-7/8" x 2-5/8" fits 4-3/4" x 2-3/8" original steel pedal.
  • Thickness of billet is approximately 1-2”
  • Rubber insets extend an additional 1/16”
  • Recess in back is 3-¼” long and 1-5/8” tall by 5/16” deep
Lokar BAG-6078 1955-57 Chevy Billet Power Brake Pedal Pad
(Part #4916078)

These brake pedal covers go over your 1955-57 Chevy power brake pedals and are retained by 4 allen head button bolts that screw into the back side.

Outside measurement of 5" x 2-3/4" fits 4-3/4" x 2-3/8" original steel pedal.

Ricks Tanks 1011 1955-57 Chevy Carbureted Steel Fuel Tank, 16 Gallon
(Part #6131011)

These 1955-57 Chevy car fuel tanks from Ricks Tanks are hand formed from 304 grade stainless steel and are a direct replacement for your original gas tank. Ricks Tanks feature a unique interal baffling system not found in O.E. tanks to control fuel tank slosh. The baffling runs from front to rear, side to side, and surrounds the fuel pickup to eliminate fuel starvation during acceleration and hard braking. All fittings and flanges are also CNC turned 304 stainless steel to ensure a proper seal.

Carb type tanks have a 3/8" NPT top feed outlet fitting and a 1/4" NPT vent fitting. Each tank comes with stainless mounting straps and hardware, and all tanks have a brushed finish for easy up-keep.

Note:   this tank is intended to only work in conjunction with a reproduction smooth floor pan.  It does not have the corresponding recess for the spare tire
that is needed for a stock floor pan with a well for the spare tire.

Item Details

16 Gallon
8-1/16" tall, 22-7/8" wide
22-3/4" deep from front to rear of car
Currie 1955-57 Chevy 9 Inch Replacement Rear Axle Kit
(Part #91005557)

Now you can have the strength and serviceability that Ford drivers have enjoyed for years underneath your GM vehicle. Currie Crate Rearends are built using the stock overall width, pinion offest, and mounting points of your original rear axle housing, making it a 100% bolt-in upgrade.  Designed as a bolt-in kit for 1955-57 Chevy Car applications.

  • All new 9-Plus heavy duty housing
  • Replacement fit for 1955-57 Chevy chassis
  • Heavy duty 2” wide leaf spring pads installed in the stock location
  • 31 spline performance axle shafts
  • 60" width
  • Torino-style late model large bearing housing ends
  • Third member studs installed
  • Axles drilled for stock 5 on 4-3/4" wheel bolt pattern
  • 7/16"-20 wheel studs pressed into axles
  • 1/4” thick heavy duty bearing retainer plates
  • Tapered Timken style wheel bearings pressed onto axle

Note: Works with Speedway rear disc brake kits, 11" Ford Explorer disc brakes, and Wilwood disc brakes. Third member sold separately.

How to Measure Your Housing Tech Tip (Link)

To learn more about Currie's 9+ rearends, check out these Frequently Asked Questions on 9-Plus Housing (Link)

Need a certain length not found on our site?  Check out Currie's 9+ Rearend Calculator to have specially sized axles or rearend housings made for your specific application.  Custom orders will be built and processed directly through Currie Enterprizes and shipped to your door. For ease of ordering, please refer to Currie's Dimension Diagram

Installation Notes:

When installing new axles in rearends with posi traction differentials, be sure to install the driver's side axle first to keep the splines properly aligned.  Failure to do so may move the two splined gears out of alignment, and it may be difficult to install the driver's side axle properly if the passenger side axle is already installed.

If installation of passenger side axle is done first it may require two people when installing the driver's side axle, with both parties rotating reach axle until splines are in line and the driver's side axle fully sides into the housing.

To ensure you get the most out of your new 9 Inch components, Currie recommends that you perform a proper break-in process:

  • Use a name brand mineral-based gear oil, preferably 85w140 (Extremely high quality synthetic oils may be used once break-in process has been successfully performed)
  • Place vehicle on jack stands and let the rearend spin while the vehicle idles - run transmission in both forward and reverse periodically throughout the process
  • Continue to run the rearend until the pinion gets hot (place hand on bottom of the differential housing to verify this)
  • Proper break-in allows:
    • The ability to install new axles and hit the track the same day without worry
    • Extended life for rearend components
    • Keeps the quality and life of your gear oil

Note: If you find that your rearend is running somewhat "tight" be sure to add Currie's 9+ Friction Modifier to "loosen up".  If a more aggressive performance is desired, Friction Modifier is not needed.


Lokar BAG-6113 55-57 Chevy Throttle Pedal Assembly for Big Block Chevy
(Part #4916113)

The Lokar 1955-1957 Chevy billet aluminum throttle assembly is designed to convert original rod linkage to Lokars modern throttle cable system. It is designed to mount in original firewall location with offset bezel washers to align cable through firewall. The arms are splined for fine adjustment and can be switched for right and left adjustment of the throttle pad. The throttle pad is spring-loaded like OEM design and measures 2" x 5".

  • Converts original rod linkage to Lokars modern throttle cable system
  • Mounts in original firewall location
  • Offset bezel washers align cable through firewall
  • Splined arms for fine adjustment
  • Arms can be mounted on right or left side of throttle pad
  • Spring-loaded pad
  • Pad measures 2" x 5"
  • 1" longer upper arm for Big Block applications

4916113 Installation Instructions (PDF)

Item Details

(1" longer upper arm for Big Block)
Lokar XBAG-6080 Midnight Series 55-57 Chevy XL Non-PWR Brake Pad w/Rub
(Part #491XBAG6080)
                        Brake and Clutch Pads are designed to match the Throttle Pedal assemblies. With Lokar's exclusive mounting design, no drilling is needed to mount pads, which allows easy installation.
XL Non-Power Brake Pads:
  • Outside measurement of 6 x 2 3/4 and fits 3 1/4 x 1 5/8 original steel brake pedal