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LizardSkin 50125 Super Pro Application Kit

LizardSkin 50125 Super Pro Application Kit

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Q & A

What's in the Box

The SuperPro Application Kit is made exclusively for LizardSkin coatings, able to handle the thick viscosity of the coatings with ease. It provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to properly apply the coatings. Sprayers used for typical paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these technologically advanced coatings. Both LizardSkin coatings must be applied to a clean, dry and rust-free surface. Applying both coatings is a snap, without the tedious labor of cutting and pasting that traditional mat products require. Simply hook up the sprayer to shop air and spray your way to a cooler and quieter ride.  

Included in the kit:

  • Sprayer
  • 1 Quart Cup
  • Stir Paddle (attaches to drill)
  • Application Instructions
  • Wet Mil Gauge

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LizardSkin 50100 Ceramic Thermal & Sound Insulation, 2 Gallon
(Part #91044050)
                        LizardSkin is a revolutionary product that can lower the interior temperature of a vehicle from 25 to 30 degrees. With only a .040" thick application, LizardSkin can also lower the interior noise level by 10 - 12 decibels by forming a 100% sealed seamless membrane over 100% of the car's interior. LizardSkin can also be used on the exterior of a vehicle and when used in wheel wells it reduces the chance of starring from thrown rocks. Since it is impervious to moisture after drying,  it helps to seal the surface to which it is applied. 

Sold in two-gallon buckets. Each covers 45-50 sq. ft. at 0.040" thickness dry. Add their Sound Control, also a spray-on, water-based product, and dramatically reduce interior noise even more.

  • Class A fire-rated
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Provides non-combustible thermal insulation
  • Eliminates cut and paste waste
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 500°F
  • Adheres to most any material
  • Continuous protective moisture barrier
  • One-part coating system
  • Lightweight (around 0.1 lbs/ft2)
  • No respirator needed; but dust mask/protective eyewear is recommended
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Can be easily applied to irregular surfaces and geometries
  • Offers a protective, seamless membrane
  • Fast clean up with soap and water

Spec Sheet (PDF)

LizardSkin 50115 Sound Control, 2 Gallon
(Part #91044052)

LizardSkin Sound Control is a spray-applied automotive sound damping coating that is great for reducing exterior noises and enhancing sound systems. It is an advanced, water-based composition of a high-grade acrylic binder with sound-damping particles.

Sound Control is used by custom car, street rod, truck builders and anyone else who wants to reduce unwanted noise and/or enhance the sound of their high end audio systems. It is best applied by the SuperPro Application Kit to a clean and dry, rust-free surface. For maximum acoustic performance in your ride, encapsulate the entire interior and all appropriate exterior surfaces.

Since Sound Control not only dampens noise, but also protects surfaces, it will help keep the integrity of your ride intact for years. The coating can withstand temperatures to 300° F. One 2 gallon container of LizardSkin Sound Control will cover 40-45 sq. ft. at 0.040” thickness dry.

Spec Sheet (PDF)