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Lightweight 5 Inch Spring Coil-over Adapter Kit

Lightweight 5 Inch Spring Coil-over Adapter Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



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What's in the Box

Complete kit to adapt your 2-1/2" coil-over kit to the IMCA approved 5" spring. Available for Bilstein, Pro, QA1, Carrera, or Monroe steel shocks.

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Coilover Kits, 2 Inch Body, 5 Inch Coilover Sleeve
(Part #91046236)
                        These coil over kits fit bearing end shocks with no modifications necessary. Available for Pro Shocks, Carrera, Monroe, QA1 or Bilstein coil-over compatible shocks.  

Coilover kit works with 2 1/2" I.D. springs and 2" O.D. body shocks. The Carrera kit can be used on Bilstein shocks by adding a thick (.120") washer in the spring seat cup.

910-46236 Instructions (PDF)

IMCA Approved 5 Inch Rear Spring Coilover Kit, 5 Inch Sleeve
(Part #91045580)

For 2005, IMCA allows modifieds to run 5" spring coil over kits on their steel rear shocks. We offer the complete kit with coilover kit and 5" spring plates. Choose Bilstein, Pro, QA1, Carrera or Monroe steel shocks.

Coil-Over Mounting Guide (GIF)

Tru-Coil Rear Spring - 5 Inch X 13 Inch
(Part #252513)
                        These 13" Rear Tru-Coil Springs are precision wound using chrome vanadium wire which guarantees consistent rates for all springs.  Our low prices make it easy for you to experiment with different rates!

13" free height, 5" O.D. ground flat on both ends. Tru-Coil Racing Springs are the finest for the money. Consistent performers.

-### at end of part number indicates rate.

Suggested Spring Setup Chart

Tru-Coil Rear Coil Springs, 5 Inch x 16 Inch
(Part #252516)
                        16" Free height, 5" O.D. ground flat on both ends. Specify rate.  

Suggested Spring Setup Chart
AFCO 5 Inch x 16 Inch Rear Springs
(Part #10630)

There's a lot riding on your springs-literally. Springs are your car's connection to the ground, and their performance is directly related to all other suspension components. Inconsistent, weak springs can cause a multitude of handling problems , and, in some cases, dangerous situations. When it comes to choosing coil springs, there are many alternatives, but if you want the best you can get, the choice is clear: CHOOSE AFCOILS. 

All AFCOILS carry a lifetime warranty to remain within 2% of the original nominal free height. Choose your rate. 

  • Every AFCO Coil Spring is machine-ground on both ends to tolerances within 1 degree, and then pressed to solid height and "pre-set." This process virtually eliminates any potential for additional set.
  • AFCO has made a science of optimizing the variables of material thickness and coil spacing to achieve the best possible design for each rate and height of spring in their product line.
  • AFCOILS incorporate the use of super-high tensile strength chrome silicon wire for long life and and a consistent rate. All springs are cold wound on the latest automated coiling equipment and heat treated twice during manufacturing to be able to withstand even the most abusive conditions.
  • To further enhance durability, AFCOILS are shot-peened and coated with a durable yellow finish.


BSB Manufacturing 6650 6650 5 Inch Coilover Kit
(Part #91046240)
  • For Bilstein or QA1 shocks utilizing 5" OD springs
  • Threaded tube has scale on both sides for easy and fast setting
  • Slotted top cup with quick release for fast spring changes
  • Cross pin allows for easy adjustment