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COMP Cams NG4011 LS Valve Cover Adapters

COMP Cams NG4011 LS Valve Cover Adapters

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  • This item is sold as a pair.



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What's in the Box

These adaptors allow you to put 1960-'86 S/B Chevy valve covers on your LS engine. CNC-machined from billet aluminum, the SBC Valve Cover Adapter Kit features an O-ring channel for reuse of stock LS valve cover seals, as well as featuring the same oil-deflecting lip on the spacer. Compatible with all LS valve train components, rockers and springs.  Hardware is included.

Note:  Use with Painless Wiring 60127 LS1 coil pack relocation harness part # 910-60127 (shown below).

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Oldsmobile Valve Covers for Small Block Chevy
(Part #9108202)
                        These neat valve covers are designed to look like the early Oldsmobile valve covers but fit late style small block Chevys using center bolt valve cover cylinder heads.  They can also be used with conventional small block cylinder heads by using the valve cover adapter kit listed below.  Order one set of valve covers and one set of looms.

910-8202: These valve covers have one, 1.22" hole in each cover to accept a PCV valve grommet, or a filler plug. They measure 2.5" from their own gasket surface to the underside of the 'top' of the valve cover. The customer will add the thickness of their valve cover gasket and/or the adapter for early heads, to determine rocker arm clearances. The plain finish valve covers and indeed plain, die-cast aluminum. Not painted.
1960-1986 Small Block Chevy Fabricated Valve Covers w/ Holes
(Part #91017129)

Whether you're going for the hardcore race look or just trying to save weight, these fabricated aluminum valve covers are for you! Each cover comes with a single baffeled 1-1/4" hole for PCV or oil fill. Can be painted, polished, or left in bare aluminum finish.

Fits 1960-1986 Small Block Chevy 283-400 c.i. V8.

Grommets & hardware not included. Use a 1-1/4" grommet.

Ansen 110-3001 1960-1986 Small Block Chevy Valve Covers
(Part #1353001)

The perfect finishing touch for your small block Chevy engine.  These cast aluminum standard height valve covers fit 1960-86 small block Chevy V8.

No holes for breathers or fill caps.

Finned 1960-86 Small Block Chevrolet Valve Covers, Plain
(Part #5721004)

These are a great finishing touch for your small block Chevy engine. These cast aluminum valve covers have the distinctive 'finned' design along with the Chevrolet logo for that traditional look. They do not have any oil fill or pcv holes, so you will have to run an intake with an oil tube.

Hardware included.

Painless Wiring 60127 LS1 Coil Pack Relocation Harness
(Part #91060127)

If you want to move those ugly coil packs off your valve covers you need a pair of these. At 24" long these harnesses allow you to put your coils on either the fender wells or firewall. Manufactured with factory color coded wires and weatherproof connectors. Kit includes one driver side and one passenger side pigtail.

LS1 Coil Pack Relocation Wiring Instructions (PDF)