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KSE KSC1052 Tandem Pump Rebuild Kit, Serial Number 5266 & Older


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What's in the Box

Rebuild kit for KSE Direct Drive Tandem Power Steering Pumps # 910-32910 with a serial number of 5266 or lower, "older model."

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KSE Racing Products KSM1086 KSE Elixer Power Steering Fluid


With the frequency and pressure of racing power assist being twice that of stock power systems, it’s obvious that stock power steering fluid is not adequate. Would you use 10W30 motor oil in a racing engine? Of course not! That is why KSE has developed a power steering fluid designed to handle the stresses of racing power steering.

The Elixer has a higher viscosity index, anti-foaming, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation capabilities to handle the racing power steering stresses. The Elixer will minimize power assist fade, low-corner- speed assist loss, and decrease heat generation. We also have made the color a “cool” blue to help in identifying oil leak origins.

The Elixer completes the total racing power steering system. When it comes to steering, go with a name you can trust...KSE!


Right Hand Drive Kit for KSE Tandem Pump

Passenger side (RH) drive kit for KSE Tandem Power Steering & Fuel pumps. Pump mounts off water pump on S/B Chevy. Kit includes the mount bracket, two pulleys, and an HTD belt.

  • 37-tooth pulley
  • 28-tooth pulley
  • 720mm (28.3") HTD belt 
913-15926 Instructions (pdf)
KSE KSC1076 Tandem Pump Rebuild Kit, Serial Number 5267 & Newer

Rebuild kit for KSE Direct Drive Tandem Power Steering Pumps # 910-32910 with a serial number of 5267 or higher, "newer model."

KSE Racing Products KSC1064-002 Tandem-X Belt Drive Pump

This is the new and improved KSE tandem power steering and fuel pump. It is the replacement for your existing KSE pump, but with improvements made to both pumps. The fuel pump has a built-in bypasss. Mounting bracket, drive mandrel, and belt drive sold separately.

910-32935 Information Sheet (PDF)