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KRC Positive Drive Power Steering Pump, 3/8 Hex Drive

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KRC Positive Drive Power Steering Pump, 3/8 Hex Drive

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

These KRC positive drive pumps are designed to be driven off dry sump pumps or off the camshaft and feature a 3/8" hex drive or 17-spline drive spuds. Also available with a 3/8" rear drive for fuel pumps. Pump features AN# 10 inlet and AN# 6 outlet fittings.

Instructions (PDF)


New Pump Tips (PDF) 

Consider purchasing one of our KRC Flow Valves!

Item Details

3/8" Hex Drive

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Sweet Mfg. 301-30055 Rear Mount Aluminum Power Steering Pump
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                        Sweet aluminum power steering pumps are new parts assembled and carefully calibrated for racing applications. They provide the consistency, volumes and pressure necessary to efficiently operate all name brand servos. 
KSE Racing Products KSC1068-002 Rear Mount Power Steering Pump
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The KSE HPD power steering pump is 1.4 lb. lighter and 25% more efficient than the previous design. Large AN 10 inlet eliminates cavitation up to 10,000 engine RPM. Requires AN 10 supply line.

  • Mounts direct to torque plate
  • Fits all makes of sprint & midget chassis
  • Accepts all popular fuel injection pumps
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs. (including mount bracket)
  • Relief valve set at 1400 PSI
  • 3/8" hex drive male input and female output
Lubrication Engineers 7500 LE Power Steering Fluid, 1 Qt.
(Part #91044010)

This power steering fluid is compatible with all racing power steering systems. Non-foaming, even at high temperatures. The best we have found. 1 quart.

  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Controls rust and corrosion
  • Foam prevention
  • Seal compatibility
  • Reduces pump & gear wear
  • Resists oxidation
  • Contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive
KRC Power Steering 25304000 Pump Flow Control Valve, 1.05 GPM, ID:4
(Part #46621304)

All KRC power steering pumps provide the racer the ability to fine tune the feel and assist in the power steering system. Interchanging the -6 outlet fitting can alter the steering input the drive has. The more flow your steering system receives the easier it will be to turn the wheels, but will decrease feel. Having less flow will put feel and stability back in the steering system, but decrease assist. 

Note: KRC Flow Valve fittings allow for flow from 1.05 GPM to 3.17 GPM. The 1.05 GPM valve has the least flow, which provides the lowest assist with the highest feel to the steering. The 3.17 GPM valve has the highest flow, which provids the highest assist with the lowest feel to the steering.

How To Choose the Right Flow Valve (PDF)

Flow Valve Installation Guide (PDF)

KRC Power Steering 20102000 Drive Kit
(Part #46620102)
                        The KRC Drive Kit works off the water pump pulley to reduce power steering pump speed by 42%.  The kit comes with the necessary pulley, belt, bolts, and spacers.  S/B Chevy.
Power Steering Hose Kit, -8 AN Reservoir
(Part #91032950)

This power steering hose kit is just what you need to plumb your driver's side remote reservoir power steering set up. The AN 8 hose kit includes 4' of AN 6 high pressure hose, 5' of AN 6 blue aeroquip hose and 3' of AN8 blue aeroquip hose. One 45° AN 6 and one 90° AN 6 fittings are included as well as an AN 6 straight brass push-on and one AN 6 and two AN 8 90° push-on hose ends.

NOTE: Does NOT contain steering box fittings 

Sweet Mfg. 30610300 Power Steering Pump
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                        This is the latest development in power steering technology. The Sweet pump incorporates a flow control valve to provide a smooth and consistent flow and pressure regardless of engine RPM or temperature. The package includes: aluminum pump, hardware, and spacers. Accepts all popular fuel pumps and engine plates.
KRC 63602000 Pro Series Aluminum Sprint/Midget Power Steering Pump
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                        KRC new Pro Series aluminum sprint car power  steering pump.  Not a reworked OEM pump.  Designed from scratch for the  rigors of racing.