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KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank

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Has an internal vertically mounted baffle plate.
KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank

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What's in the Box

All KRC power steering tanks feature quarter turn caps with -6 AN inlet and -10 AN outlet fittings. This flat surface mount tank has a -6 AN fitting on the right hand side facing the tank.

466-91510 Dimensions (PDF)

Item Details

-6 AN fitting on RH side, facing tank

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Sparks Nv
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KRC Power steering tank

April 27, 2012
The -6 fitting was stripped. I had to cut it off and replace it with another. It mounted easy
  • High-Performance
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

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1 answers

Can I mount this on the opposite side of the rad support as I have no room on the side that the pump is located. This adds extra 3 feet to the lines

November 30, 2013

Can I mount this on the opposite side of the rad support as I have no room on the side that the pump is located. This adds extra 3 feet to the lines


December 02, 2013
It is best to minimize the length of hoses but at times there is no other choice. Just be sure to install a feed hose with a high vacuum rating and use fittings with a large hole size through them. Not all AN hose ends and adapter fittings have the same size hole through them. I would recommend Aeroquip brand fittings and hose ends to be certain you do not have an issue there.
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Bolt-On Dimensions

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