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KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank

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Overall Width:
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Outlet Fitting:
Has an internal vertically mounted baffle plate.
KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank
KRC Power Steering 91510000 Flat Mount Power Steering Tank

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Q & A

What's in the Box

All KRC power steering tanks feature quarter turn caps with -6 AN inlet and -10 AN outlet fittings. This flat surface mount tank has a -6 AN fitting on the right hand side facing the tank.

466-91510 Dimensions (PDF)

Item Details

-6 AN fitting on RH side, facing tank

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Aluminum Reservoir Tank

Firewall mounted aluminum tank for sprint car power steering fluid. Has AN 6 return and 1/2" pipe bung outlet, with 1/8" pipe for wing valve.

Holds approximately 24 oz.

Power Steering Hose Kit, -8 AN Reservoir

This power steering hose kit is just what you need to plumb your driver's side remote reservoir power steering set up. The AN 8 hose kit includes 4' of AN 6 high pressure hose, 5' of AN 6 blue aeroquip hose and 3' of AN8 blue aeroquip hose. One 45° AN 6 and one 90° AN 6 fittings are included as well as an AN 6 straight brass push-on and one AN 6 and two AN 8 90° push-on hose ends.

NOTE: Does NOT contain steering box fittings 

KRC Power Steering 91312000 Pump Billet Alum Power Steering Reservoir

Reservoir for KRC pump only. Has both AN6 inlet and outlet. KRC optional 8oz. aluminum reservoir tank mounts directly to a KRC power steering pump. Manufactured from 6061 aluminum with fully machined components that are tig-welded by master craftsmen, this tank replaces the -10 inlet fitting on the power steering pump and can eliminate the most common pump problem (inlet hose failure). It will also eliminate a separate reservoir tank mounted to the chassis or firewall, as well as an inlet hose, providing a cleaner layout under the hood and saving approximately 3 lbs. of weight. KRC recommends using only a NON-VENTED cap on this tank.

Bolt-On Dimensions

AFCO 37152 Power Steering Reservoir (Firewall Mount)
  • Spun aluminum
  • 22 oz. capacity
  • Internal diffuser to prevent fluid aeration
  • Integral firewall mount .75 lbs
  • 3" O.D.- 9" tall
  • -10 AN Outlet / -6 AN Return
Wilwood 260-10500 Remote Fill Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit
                        Universal plastic kit contains 4oz reservoir, cap, remote mount bracket, and 30” of 3/8” hose for brake fluid.