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KB Ford 347 Hypereutectic Pistons, Flat Top, 5.4 Rod

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Flat Top w/ 2 valve reliefs
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Hypereutectic Aluminum
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KB Ford 347 Hypereutectic Pistons, Flat Top, 5.4 Rod

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Keith Black Hypereutectic pistons are T-6 heat treated and offer reduced scuffing and improved durability over stock replacement pistons. They also allow you to run tighter clearances because of reduced thermal expansion, which means more race winning power.

  • 390 Hypereutectic alloy
  • Fully machined crowns and valve reliefs
  • Drilled oil drain backs
  • Full floating wrist pins
  • Triple wound spiral locks
  • Reflective alloy allows 2% power increase
  • Quench dome technology minimizes deterioration
  • Zero deck quench designs

For Ford 347 c.i. (4.00" bore x 3.40" stroke). Use piston ring Style C (1/16", 1/16", 3/16").

Ring Style Chart (GIF)

474-246 Instructions (PDF)


  • Pin Diameter:  .927"

Item Details

C/R 64cc: 10.0, C/R 69cc: 9.5
Bore and Stroke: 4.00" x 3.40"
Rod Length: 5.400" Ring Style: C

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Formerly KB Pistons. Starting with 2618 alloy heat treated to high-strength T-6 specifications gives you the best value for the money. Exclusive V-Rib adds strength without adding weight but allows maximum cooling.

  • 4.00" bore x 3.40" stroke
  • 5.4" rod length
  • .927" pin diameter
  • Use Ring Style C (1/16", 1/16", 3/16")

Ring Style Chart (GIF)

474-739 Instructions (PDF)

MAHLE Small Block Ford 347 Flattop Powerpak Pistons
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The Mahle PowerPack Pistons are a race proven lightweight forged design that are complete with rings, wrist pins and locks. They are also completely phosphate coated plus feature an anti-friction Grafel skirt coating.

1.5mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm file fit performance ring set is included.

  • 347 uses .927" pin
  • Comp Height:  1.090  (includes oil support rails)
  • Pin Diameter:  0.927
  • Clearance Guide
    • *Meas. = 0.500
    • Min = 0.0025
    • Max = 0.0033

*The location to measure piston-to-wall clearance for each application. This point is calculated from the bottom of the piston skirt and indicates the widest part of the piston and thus where to measure.

PowerPak Piston Chart (GIF)

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Designed for gasoline use. Not recommended for use with alcohol.

Ring Style Chart (GIF)