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Joe Hunt Look Oldsmobile Distributor

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Joe Hunt Look Oldsmobile Distributor

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What's in the Box

These 1959-1964 394 Olds distributors use full centrifugal advance. Modern electronics and easy to wire hook-up. 3-1/2" diameter. Fully self contained with an internal coil.

Joe Hunt Instructions (PDF)

Item Details

1959-1964 394 Olds

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Flaming River FR1001 Ignition Timing Light
(Part #6101754)

Self-powered timing light is designed to work without an auxiliary power source which makes it ideal for use with mags, rear battery mount race cars and all spark ignition systems for single wire hassle-free timing. Equipped with a Xenon bulb which generates a bright strobe, as well as convenient work-light. Durable constructions includes a rubber-encased lens and a 48" pick up lead. 

  • State-of-the-art, single wire design (operates on 2 D cell batteries)
  • Excellent for use with magnetos and all spark ignition systems
  • Bright xenon strobe clearly visible in daylight
  • Accurate timing up to 14,000 RPM
Red 7mm Solid Core Spark Plug Wire, 20 Ft.
(Part #91064011)

Transparent red insulation on the cable allows you to actually see the woven wire core inside. Just trim to length and crimp on terminals. It readily accepts all normal boots and terminals available at local part stores, or use with Rajah ends.

  • Wire Diameter:  7mm
  • Wire Type:  Solid Core (Non-EMI Suppression)

Not for use with multi-spark ignition boxes, such as MSD 6A or 6AL.

Learn how to properly attach new spark plug terminals and boots by reading our tech article. How to Install Spark Plug Wire Ends.

Offenhauser 3286 1949-1956 Oldsmobile Valve Covers
(Part #5603286)

Classic Offy finned valve covers for your Olds "Rocket". Fully polished, rugged cast aluminum design provides a better seal while reducing noise and dissipating heat versus stock valve covers. No provisions for breather/oil fill tube.

Fits 1949-1956 Oldsmobile 303 and 324 V-8 engines.

Taylor Cable 70051 8mm Spark Plug Wires, 90 Deg, Resistor Core, Black
(Part #69870051)
                        The ultimate in spark plug wires for racing and serious street machines. Universal fit set will require cutting to fit, terminating, and booting the distributor end.  
  • High grade silicone over silicone resists temperatures up to 600° F
  • Color coordinated silicone boots add a touch of class
  • HEI boots have "Professional Grips" for easy on/off installation
  • Double locking spark plug terminals provide a firm grip
  • Resistor core for street applications
  • Universal fit for HEI and socket style caps

Learn how to properly attach new spark plug terminals and boots by reading our tech article. How to Install Spark Plug Wire Ends.