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Isky Racing Cams 211100 Max-1 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

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Isky Racing Cams 211100 Max-1 1932-48 Flathead Ford CamshaftIsky Racing Cams 211100 Max-1 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft
Isky Racing Cams 211100 Max-1 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Isky’s Max-1 is by far the best camshaft we have found for the vast majority of all flathead V8-powered street rods. It offers a great hot rod sound without sacrificing street manners, and provides good low-speed power with both stock and multi-carb intake manifolds.

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450-211100 Specs (Link)

Item Details

3/4 Race - Good idle, good low-mid range power.

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Isky Racing Cams 214000 400 Jr. 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

Not for street use, but for the very experienced flathead V8 racer! These Isky 88 race camshafts feature a 400 Jr. full race grind, 60/18 exhaust, 18/60 intake, 258° duration, and .400 lift. Competition only!

Early style cams designed to be used with 1932-1948 2-bolt timing cover.

Cam Application Chart (GIF)

450-214000 Specs (Link)

Isky Racing Cams RL-48 Camshaft Rev Lube, 4 Oz.

Isky Rev Lube is a moly-sulphide paste used to protect cam lobes and tappets, rocker arms, valve stems and guides, push rod ends and distributor drive gears during initial start-up and break-in.

Learn why using assembly lube is so important in our tech article, Installing New Hardware.

COMP Cams 159-12 Engine Break-In Lube Oil Additive

ZDDP-enhanced Engine Break-In Lube Oil Additive from COMP Cams provides maximum engine life while also allowing it to reach its full performance potential. It does so by improving the surface mating of valve train components (especially flat tappets), rotating assembly, rod journals, piston rings, valve guides and other vital areas of the engine. This proprietary break-in lube formula includes the optimum amount of critical additives ZDDP (Zinc & Phosphorus), Molybdenum, detergents and high grade base oil.

The multi-viscosity, mineral-based COMP Cams Engine Break-In Oil Additive is fully-formulated and requires no additives or supplements. In addition, the oil is fully compatible with gasoline, methanol and high octane racing fuels.

Isky Racing Cams 217700 Isky 77-B 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

This is the cam of choice of choice if you are building a basic street flathead. The 77-B is a low speed and midrange power cam with a good idle. A stock carburetor can be used with this cam. Make sure you check valve to head clearance before installing heads. 

Cam Application Chart (GIF)

450-217700 Specs (Link)

Isky Racing Cams 218800 Isky 88 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

This is the cam of choice of choice if you are building a "full race" flathead. It's hard to be the Max-1 for street use, but you may need a little more or less for your combination. Make sure you check valve to head clearance before installing heads.

Cam Application Chart (GIF)

450-218800 Specs (Link)

Isky Racing Cams 210433 Isky 433 1932-48 Flathead Ford Camshaft

This is the cam of choice of choice if you are building an all-out competition flathead. Make sure you check valve to head clearance before installing heads. 

Cam Application Chart (GIF)

Isky Racing Cams F85-02 Adjustable Flathead Ford Lifters

Isky's adjustable lifters are the preferred way to maintain critical valve train tolerances while avoiding the hassle of grinding your valve seats for clearance. Simply set your valve lash using the adjustable set screw.

Made in the USA. Fits 1932-53 Ford and Mercury Flathead V8s.

1932-1953 Flathead Ford V8 Single Valve Springs

Our complete line of valve train parts to help your flathead Ford V8 run on unleaded fuel. These heavy duty single valve springs are made from top-quality chrome silicon steel and are designed to work with stock 1932-1953 Ford retainers. 

  • Recommended for most street performance 1932-53 Ford/Mercury Flathead V8s
  • Chrome silicon material delivers reliable performance
  • Proper seat pressure for most street and street/strip Flathead cams
  • Installed Height:  2.00"
  • Seat Pressure:  85 lbs @ 2.00" installed height

Note: "Full Race" cams should be paired with our 450-4005 dual valve springs.

Flathead Valve Assembly (Link)


1932-1953 Flathead Ford Single Valve Spring Retainers

Things have changed considerably since the first Ford Flathead V8s were built more than 75 years ago, and Speedway Motors has the valve train parts you need to keep these vintage engines running on modern unleaded fuel.

Single spring retainers for use with single-style valve springs. Fits 1932-1953 Ford and Mercury Flathead V8s.

Flathead Valve Assembly (Link)