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Howe Racing 82876 GM T-5 Stock Clutch Hydraulic Throwout Bearing


Material Type:
Sold in Quantity:
Outside Diameter:
Extended Length:
Compressed Length:
Thread Pitch:
1/8" NPT
Inlet fitting:
Outlet Fitting:
Suggested use with 3/4" bore M.C. Includes a 3/8" and 5/16" retainer/installation stud. Fits 1.379" transmission collar.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Our T-5 throw out bearing is for GM-style Borg-Warner T-5 transmissions using an OEM or OEM replacement clutch. The base of the T-5 bearing is machined to fit the bearing retainer of the T-5 transmission. The compressed thickness is 1.516" and 2.065" fully extended giving .549" of travel. The inner diameter of the throw out bearing is 1.379".

It is known to fit many T-5 transmissions, but does not fit Ford versions. Use 3/4" bore clutch master cylinder.

Note: T/O bearing includes a 3/8" and 5/16" threaded retainer stud. If your T-5 makes use of a metric threaded front retainer bolt, to install this unit will require an installer to source a metric threaded stud or modified bolt as metric threaded hardware is not included.

GM T5 Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Installation Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about hydraulic release bearings and how to properly install them by reading our tech article. How to Install a Hydraulic Throwout Bearing.


  1. The fittings are AN 4 male for the "feed" and the "bleed" lines. Both fittings are tapped internally to accept the bleeder.
  2. To build your own external bleeder for this bearing, purchase (1) each of the following parts:
  • 835-2200063 (1/8"BLEEDER)
  • 617-4025 (AN4 to 1/8"female)
  • 91031842-4 (12" AN 4 line)


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GM Stock Clutch Hydraulic Throwout Bearing

Stock clutch hydraulic throwout bearing for stock-style 3-speed and 4-speed Chevy clutches only. Install simply by replacing one bolt from the front of the transmission with one of the provided studs, then shim to fit. Use 3/4" bore master cylinder.

This bearing is made much smaller than the racing version so that it will fit behind the "thicker" stock style clutches. This redesigned new housing is much cleaner as it has no boss on the body. Plus, this design also has a retainer on it to prevent over extension and seal damage.

GM Stock Clutch Hydraulic Throwout Bearing Instructions (PDF)

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Hydraulic Release Bearing Set-Up Tool
                        Another Speedway exclusive -- makes hydraulic release bearing set-up as easy as 1-2-3. We all know what a pain it is to set the clearance on a hydraulic release bearing. With this handy little tool you will take the guess work and drudgery out of it. 

Simply hold the tool up to the bellhousing and push the rod in until it touches the pressure plate fingers. Then turn the tool around and place it up to the transmission, and you can check your clearance.

Made of heavy steel construction with a black oxide finish, so this tool won't wear out or break. Numbers are laser etched.

Hydraulic Release Bearing Set-Up Tool Instructions (PDF) 

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Howe Racing 82871 Clutch Hydraulic Throwout Rebuild Kit Prior 1-1-07

O-ring rebuild kits for stock clutch hydraulic throwout bearing 910-25610 for GM 3-speed and 4-speed transmissions. For bearings built prior to 1-1-2007.

GM T-5 to Flathead Release Bearing Adapter for 910-25610

GM T-5 to Flathead Release Bearing Adapter for 910-25610

910-25610 Instructions (PDF)

T-5 and Adapter Tech Tips (Link)

Wilwood Combination Remote Fill Master Cylinder Kit

Six different bore sizes and four different installation configurations are available in this master cylinder kit. Precision machined from high strength aluminum, this kit includes both small and large size reservoirs which can be mounted for more convenient service access. Standard mounting bolt hole configurations provide easy applications for racing and off road vehicles, specialty cars, recreation and industrial vehicles.

Bore sizes available include: 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 13/16", 1", 1-1/8".

  • Includes small and large reservoirs which can be direct or remote mounted
  • Aluminum cylinder with plastic reservoir tank
  • Mounting flange is a vertical pattern on a 2-1/4" on center
  • Master cylinder has a single 3/8-24 brake line outlet
  • The two side mount holes are 3" from center to center

70174 Instructions (PDF)

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