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Holley 10833-5 Fuel Bowl Gasket

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Holley 10833-5 Fuel Bowl Gasket

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What's in the Box

For Holley double pumper carbs. Package of five gaskets.

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Moroso 65221 Fuel Level Control Kit
(Part #54565221)

This fuel level control kit from Moroso increases bowl capacity by 40% to eliminate fuel starvation problems.  Foam baffles prevent fuel slosh to eliminate the chance of the jets being uncovered under hard cornering, braking or acceleration.  Fits Holley 2 and 4 bbl carbs with metering blocks and removable jets. Does one end of a Holley carb.

Kit contains one float bowl spacer, four foam baffles, one accelerator pump arm, four 3-1/4" float bowl bolts, two float bowl gaskets and four nylon float bowl screw gaskets.

545-65221 Instructions (PDF) 

Clear View Sight Plugs
(Part #54565226)
                        Allows you to check the fuel level in the float bowl of your Holley carburetor without removing the plug and spilling fuel. Thread is 5/16"-24 and the plug diameter is 0.50".
Holley 135-7 50cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm
(Part #4271357)
                        Holley accelerator pump diaphragms are available in 30cc (427-1355) or 50cc (427-1357) sizes. For use with gasoline only.
Moroso 65224 Reusable Buna-N Holley Gaskets, Float Bowl
(Part #54565224)
  • Moroso replacement gaskets for Holley® 4150-4160 series carbs are made from high grade Buna-N compound with an anti-wicking nylon backing and for use with alcohol or racing gasoline
  • Reuseable
Holley 10829-5 4150 Metering Block Gasket
(Part #42710829)
                        For Holley double pumper carbs. Package of five gaskets.
Holley 108-98-10 Carburetor Fuel Bowl Screw Gaskets, 10 Pack
(Part #427108)

These fuel bowl screw gaskets work great for replacing those worn out ones on your Holley carburetor.  They feature quality reusable nylon construction and come in packs of 10.

  • Fits All Holley Carburetors
  • Reusable Nylon
  • 10 Pack


Percy's 66021 Seal-4-Good Reusable Base Plate Gasket
(Part #91011105)
                        Advanced EMR polymer insures reusability. Will not stick like ordinary paper gaskets. Allows quicker carburetor removal and replacement.  Gasket is 0.0640" thick.