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Holley 34-7 Adjustable Needle and Seat Hardware Kit

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Holley 34-7 Adjustable Needle and Seat Hardware Kit
Holley 34-7 Adjustable Needle and Seat Hardware Kit

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What's in the Box

Replacements for the pieces that leak or wear out.

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Holley Carburetor Gas Needle and Seat, .110 Inch
                        "Viton" needle and seat is resistant to dirt and provides superior seal when closed. Size .110" for gas carbs. Gasket not included. 
Moroso 65221 Fuel Level Control Kit

This fuel level control kit from Moroso increases bowl capacity by 40% to eliminate fuel starvation problems.  Foam baffles prevent fuel slosh to eliminate the chance of the jets being uncovered under hard cornering, braking or acceleration.  Fits Holley 2 and 4 bbl carbs with metering blocks and removable jets. Does one end of a Holley carb.

Kit contains one float bowl spacer, four foam baffles, one accelerator pump arm, four 3-1/4" float bowl bolts, two float bowl gaskets and four nylon float bowl screw gaskets.

545-65221 Instructions (PDF) 

Holley 10833-5 Fuel Bowl Gasket
                        For Holley double pumper carbs. Package of five gaskets.
Holley 116-3 Center Hung Carburetor Float
                        These Holley replacement Nitrophyl carburetor floats are for center hung float bowls.
Wehrs Machine WM47 Carburetor Feet
                        Bolt to the base of your carburetor so you can work on it without damaging the throttle assembly.
  • 5/16”-18 threads
  • 1-1/2” tall
  • Set of 4 (nuts included)