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Holley 10829-5 4150 Metering Block Gasket

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Holley 10829-5 4150 Metering Block Gasket

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  • This item is sold as a set.



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What's in the Box

For Holley double pumper carbs. Package of five gaskets.

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Jet Board
(Part #91681105)
                        Protects and keeps 88 Holley jets in order. Threaded front and back. Anodized alum.
Jet Wrench
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                                  No need to remove your carburetor or distributor to handle jet replacement, with Speedway Motors' Holley Jet Wrench!

Speedway has been racing for more than 50 years, and saw the need for a handy wrench to make Holley rear jet replacement easier. The wrench's precision designed tip fits snugly into the jets. Poor fitting and misaligned screwdrivers can cause external jet damage and affect fuel flow.

The short size and 90-degree end provides just the angle needed to properly loosen and snug jets into place, while easily working between the distributor and carb. The opposite end of the wrench is designed to handle bowl screw removal, opening the gas level plug, as well as float screw adjustment.

Proform 67166C Billet Carburetor Metering Block For Holley Carbs
(Part #58667166)

Is your carburetor still using 1950's technology? Upgrade it for serious performance using these billet aluminum metering blocks.

586-67166 is a standard replacement block for 2300-, 4150- and 4160- series carbs and offers improved throttle response.


Moroso 65222 Reusable Buna-N Holley Gaskets, Primary Metering
(Part #54565222)
  • Moroso replacement gaskets for Holley® 4150-4160 series carbs are made from high grade Buna-N compound with an anti-wicking nylon backing and for use with alcohol or racing gasoline
  • For 4150 primary and secondary metering blocks as well as 4160 primary metering block
  • Reuseable
Holley 10833-5 Fuel Bowl Gasket
(Part #42710833)
                        For Holley double pumper carbs. Package of five gaskets.
Holley 108-98-10 Carburetor Fuel Bowl Screw Gaskets, 10 Pack
(Part #427108)

These fuel bowl screw gaskets work great for replacing those worn out ones on your Holley carburetor.  They feature quality reusable nylon construction and come in packs of 10.

  • Fits All Holley Carburetors
  • Reusable Nylon
  • 10 Pack


Percy's 66021 Seal-4-Good Reusable Base Plate Gasket
(Part #91011105)
                        Advanced EMR polymer insures reusability. Will not stick like ordinary paper gaskets. Allows quicker carburetor removal and replacement.  Gasket is 0.0640" thick.