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Holley 20-12 Accelrator Pump Cams


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Includes eight different cams and two mounting screws.

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Includes eight assorted pump cams to fine-tune your accelerator pump shot. Accelerator pump shot relative to cam color from lightest to heaviest are as follows: White, Blue, Red, Orange, Black, Green, Pink & Brown.

  • Tailor Accelerator Pump Performance
  • Each Cam Is Different Shape/Profile
  • Gives Different Results

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Jet Wrench
                                  No need to remove your carburetor or distributor to handle jet replacement, with Speedway Motors' Holley Jet Wrench!

Speedway has been racing for more than 50 years, and saw the need for a handy wrench to make Holley rear jet replacement easier. The wrench's precision designed tip fits snugly into the jets. Poor fitting and misaligned screwdrivers can cause external jet damage and affect fuel flow.

The short size and 90-degree end provides just the angle needed to properly loosen and snug jets into place, while easily working between the distributor and carb. The opposite end of the wrench is designed to handle bowl screw removal, opening the gas level plug, as well as float screw adjustment.

Holley 135-7 50cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm
                        Holley accelerator pump diaphragms are available in 30cc (427-1355) or 50cc (427-1357) sizes. For use with gasoline only.
Holley Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzles

A good selection of pump discharge nozzle sizes is indispensable to the proper tuning of the accelerator pump system. The nozzle hole size determines the rate of fuel discharge. A larger hole will "shoot" the fuel at a faster rate with less pressure than a smaller hole. Sizes are stamped on each nozzle. For example the number "31" indicates the nozzle hole size is .031".

Includes one nozzle and two nozzle gaskets. 

The three styles offered are Tube Type, Straight Type, and Center Type. 


See Notes tab for what sizes are available for each.



Holley 135-9 50cc Accelerator Pump Diaphragm, Alcohol
                        Holley GLFT 50cc accelerator pump diaphragm for use with all alcohol base fuels.
Wehrs Machine WM47 Carburetor Feet
                        Bolt to the base of your carburetor so you can work on it without damaging the throttle assembly.
  • 5/16”-18 threads
  • 1-1/2” tall
  • Set of 4 (nuts included)