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Holley 0-4412CT Circle Track 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor

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Holley 0-4412CT Circle Track 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor
Holley 0-4412CT Circle Track 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor
Holley 0-4412CT Circle Track 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This 500cfm 4412CT Holly carb shares the hugely successful features of the original 4412C but with a couple changes aimed for circle track cars. The choke has been removed but the horn remains and has been specially calibrated for circle track use. The 4412C Holley carb is easily the most winningest two barrel carburetor on the market and comes out of the box ready to run.

  • Choke delete
  • Choke horn remains
  • 50cc accelerator pump
  • 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, & 1 PCV port
  • The mandated carbs for many oval track racing sanctioning bodies
  • Calibrated specifically for circle track use

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Holley 0-4412C HP Series 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor
(Part #4254412)

The Holley Model 2300 gas two barrel carburetor is great for improving or updating many stock Chrysler and Ford car and truck non-emission applications. The 500 CFM 2 barrel carb works great for big trucks and high performance situations. It features a manual choke, center hung float bowl, universal throttle lever, Ford A/T kickdown, and 50cc accelerator pump.

Holley 500 CFM 2 Barrel Carburetor Installation Instructions (PDF)

Willys Carbs WCD44120 500 CFM 2-Barrel Racing Carburetor
(Part #80044120)
                        Willy's two barrel carbs make much more power than stock, but retain the stock appearance and will pass tech. 

This 500 CFM 2 barrel carburetor has a 1-3/8" venturi and 1-11/16" throttle plate. It uses the standard Holley metering block. These 2 barrel carbs will pass tech gauges and produces great torque and horsepower. They are popular on NASCAR late models and are IMCA & WISSOTA Legal. This two barrel carburetor has "LIST 4412-2" stamped on it, and looks stock.

IMCA approved.
Holley 0-80583-1 Keith Dorton Racing 2 Barrel Carburetor, 500 CFM
(Part #42580583)
                        Carb guru Keith Dorton designed this two barrel carb for maximum performance.  Purpose built for short-track racing means this two barrel carb has a welded throttle lever and shaft.  The lack of choke provisions provides smoother airflow.  Throttle shaft hole is plugged to eliminate leaks and its stainless stell bypass holes make for a smooth idle.  All bore, throttle plate, venturi and critical sizes are within factory specifications.
  • No vacuum or PCV holes
  • 30cc accel pump for smoother off the corner performance
  • Power valve blowout protection
  • Button head throttle plate screws with thread locker
  • Screw-in air bleeds for precise tuning
  • HP metering block for strnght
  • Maximum fuel flow factory flowed to ensure quality
  • Reusable fuel bowl screw gaskets
K&N Filters 61-2000 Flow Control Air Cleaner-Holley 2BBL w/ Choke Horn
(Part #465612000)

A revolution in air cleaner technology! The Flow Control System utilizes a specially contoured base in combination with a unique lid, featuring a tongue or protrusion that reduces intake turbulance. The resulting smooth, laminar flow enhances cylinder filling with a typical 15+ HP increase on a 350 cubic inch engine. Includes the reusable K&N Filtercharger filter element for maximum airflow, filtration, and serviceability.

Available for carbs with or without choke air horn. "With choke" means the choke horn is still on the carb. "Without choke" means the choke horn has been removed.

  • 4412 & 7448 Series carbs
  • Small blocks w/ 340-360hp see 15-17hp increase
  • Small blocks w/ 400-420hp see 20-22hp increase
  • 14" x 4"
  • Drop: 0.344"
  • Ht. Above Carb Flange: 3.75"
  • Off Set: 1"
  • Weight: 4.8 lb

465-612000 Instructions (PDF)

R2C Performance CF10500 Pit Tuning Filter-Holley/Braswell 5 In. Flange
(Part #59210500)
                        The same, premium quality filtration you rely on  from R2C Competition Filters while on the track is now available while  working in the pits.

The R2C Pit Tuning Filter® provides significant engine protection improvements over the plastic and aluminum hats that rely on mesh screen to stop dirt. Pit filters feature one piece construction and a molded top that makes installation simple and creates a positive seal against the carb. Fully washable, the R2C  Pit Tuning Filter® is simple to clean using compressed air from the inside surfaces outward. Protect your investment, order your pit filter today!

  • Holley / Braswell with 5" Flange/Opening
  • 3" Overall Height