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Hidden Radio Antenna

Overall Length:
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Includes adhesive pads for mounting.
Hidden Radio Antenna

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This compact hideaway antenna is easy to hide and gives you great reception. Can be mounted on your windshield (optimal location), under the headliner, under your seat, or nearly anywhere! Includes adhesive pads for sticking it to the winshield. 12 volt operation.

  • Crystal clear reception
  • Works like a standard antenna
  • Give your car a clean look
  • Limited lifetime warranty

    Wiring Info:
    • Coax cable to antenna lead
    • Bare wire to ground
    • Small wire to 12 volts

Hidden Antenna Wiring Instructions (PDF)


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Power Radio Antenna
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These chrome power radio antennas will put the finishing touch on your ride! Motorized antenna has several mounting options and can be frenched into a fender. Features a 3 ft. long chrome antenna. 12 volt operation.

  • Compact, lightweight and requires minimum space to install
  • Powerful antenna motor for dependable service
  • Provides excellent AM/FM signal reception
  • Requires a 12" deep x 4" x 2.5" space below the antenna "hole"
  • Requires a 5/8" hole in the fender
  • Antenna lead is 3 ft. long
  • AM/FM signal reception